Finally Flying

Do you see it there?  My new terabyte baby!  It got here Wednesday and I have done nothing but play play play, and I don’t even have my Sims installed yet! 

It’s a mini-tower and it fits so nice and neatly on the shelf with just a tiny bit of overhang.  There’s a little door there on the bottom that flips open to reveal the multi-card reader and several USB ports.  I can’t believe how great it picks up the wireless signal too, even though it’s tucked in the back.

I’m using my old monitor, because it was nice and big and still works just fine, even if it is at least 5 years old.  I might upgrade to a newer one some time in the future, but for now, I’m good.  I don’t think I much prefer that wide aspect ratio on the new stuff anyway.  

I have even managed to get all my data off of the old Flintstones laptop in the kids room, thanks to my handy dandy little thumb drive.  And the things I use online, like FireFox that has all my personalization, were super easy to move over too since I found add-ons to sync between computers.  They really work!  Siphon, WebMail; Delicious and GMarks remembered all my bookmarks.  I love it when things work like they’re supposed to!

I also used a great little plug-in for Live Writer, Import and Export Wizard for Windows Live Writer, that worked really well. 

I’m trying to adjust to the new keyboard.  I’m like a diva I suppose when it comes to keyboards.  I don’t care for the flatter ones, but the old fashioned kind seem to be going out of vogue.  It doesn’t help that I like to keep my nails really long either, I know, but my vanity won’t let me keep them short. 

After Darc got his new laptop, it was so fun to sit on the couch and surf, and I thought maybe I was going to be good with a laptop myself.  But then I saw this one while browsing, and I realized I am truly a desktop girl.  Sofa surfing has its place, but I think I’m more happy with the throne aspect of my desk chair.  Winking smile  And a whole terabyte to myself, heh. 

So I am one happy camper and it was all relatively painless, as far as setting up a new computer goes. 

It has been a long time since I put up that post about my computer dying.  It was May 28 2009 when I posted this –>>When it rains, the day after my computer died.  [insert mournful tune here]

623 Days Between…
May 27, 2009 and February 9, 2011 (delivery date)

623 Days!

= 14,952 Hours
= 897,120 Minutes
= 53,827,200 Seconds

It was a long 53+ million seconds, but it’s over, and now this Falcon is finally flying free!

Oh, I skipped the funnies this week because the one I got in the email was kind of man-bashing, and I just … didn’t want to go there.  Smile  Hopefully next week’s will be better. 

And check out Darc’s interview over on Bryce’s StoryHack site!  I love how Bryce got the video with the robots talking, it rocks!  Interview with J. Dane Tyler

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7 thoughts on “Finally Flying

  1. I have seen these things. No bigger than a small Cornish hen. The flat screen instead of the old big tv like thing freed up a lot of room on my desk top(not the computer one I mean the furniture one) and this will too. Will investigate.

    It’s amazing how little they (computer towers) are now!

    I kept my monitor – it’s a flat screen but I like the 4: ratio much better than the wide screen that’s so popular now.


  2. I prefer old school keyboards that make loud chunky sounds with every keypress. If I could attach a 100 year old typewriter to my computer and use that as a keyboard, I so would. When I type, I want people to think the world is coming to an end.

    I learned how to type on one of those old typewriters. An old manual, way back in 8th grade. No, I am not a hundred years old. Yet.


  3. Congrats on your “terabyte baby”! I’m also a keyboard diva, I guess. I prefer my keys to be short, easy to press, with little wiggle. I also want them to be clicky rather than clacky. My old laptop had a perfect keyboard, this new one is a little too cheap-feeling. Those old standard desktop ones with the mile-high keys suck rocks. I wouldn’t mind having a really old IBM one, those aren’t bad.

    I’m the opposite I think. The flatter keyboards like on laptops are so hard for me to type on. I miss that sound too, that clicky sound. 🙂


  4. Congrats on the new hardware! I still need a new laptop but I think I am stuck with mine for the next while.

    Thanks! Hey, try Walmart! They really do have great prices for the same stuff. 🙂


  5. I heard that tvs, computers, tires have to be made more cheaply to fit with Walmart’s pricing demands. My mom and I bought the same kind of tv from WM, and it broke in exactly the same way in about the same amount of time.

    Having said that, I still bought my new PS3 from Walmart because at this point price is still king. Maybe when I win the lottery I’ll be able to shed WM.

    A few years ago, WM used to advertise that all their products came from the USA and were made in the USA. Then Sam Walton died and now you can’t find an American made product in WM.

    I’m shedding them when I win the lottery too. 🙂


  6. Congratulations on the new PC! I prefer the old aspect ratio on monitors too.

    Thanks hon. 🙂

    Yeah, my eyes just prefer the “old skool” view I suppose.


  7. I’m a desktop girl too. Laptops are great for traveling, but I like to sit at my desk with my big assed monitor and feel the power.


    LOL, feeling the power, that’s it exactly. 😀


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