Manual Labor


Hi-ho the derio, a-editing we will go! 

My goodness!  Darc and I have been editing for what seems like days.  I’m pretty sure he mentioned on his blog that he’d received the proofs for his latest SSRLP, or Slurp, as we’ve come to call them.  Smile  (Super-Secret Real Life Project)  Only trouble is, instead of doing final proof-reading, the edits were done so … I believe intrusively is the word they used, that we have to edit the edits.  It’s a technical manual, and why the copy editing team inserted their own thoughts and wording into the text is beyond us.  It’s frustrating and time-consuming and the deadline is fast approaching.  Don’t get me wrong – I love editing, and I love helping my husband even more, but having to correct changes that never should have been made in the 1st place makes me feel a little harried.  Want an example?  To give you an idea, wording like, “the requested resource,” was inexplicably and arbitrarily changed to, “the resource that the request is being made of.”  I never thought I’d get so familiar with proofreader’s symbols

Heh, I wonder how much I could charge if I did this for others?  Winking smile


I have decided I adore Microsoft’s OneNote program.  I’ve been using a notebook, a real life wired notebook, to jot down my thoughts and ideas for a few years now.  I walk around the house with it and it gets kind of cumbersome.  But OneNote lets me keep that notebook, as many as I want or can imagine, all in one place.  I can use whatever font or color I want to write it, I can even use a free-write type of thing using the mouse like a pen.  So I can draw like in Paint.  I can put in pictures, links, copy articles – because you know me, I went and found a Firefox add-on to add things to my OneNote notebooks.  Open-mouthed smile  You didn’t seriously doubt that I would, did you?  Winking smile  No more multiple files cluttering up the My Documents folder.  I feel like if I could have designed a program that was totally me, it would be this one.  It rocks, in super-stereophonic sound.  In THX even. 


And how was your weekend?  Or are you still on it?  Happy President’s Day.  Smile

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5 thoughts on “Manual Labor

  1. “the requested resource,” was inexplicably and arbitrarily changed to, “the resource that the request is being made of.”

    WTF is up with that? Never heard anything like that before. How frustrating that has to be!

    I just started using OneNote a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s great too. Will have to get that add-on for Firefox.

    Have a great day!


    Weird huh? We can’t figure it either, but Darc sure doesn’t want his name on something like that.

    It’s such a great program! I am loving how organized and efficient it is. 😀

    You have an awesome day too!


  2. That is a crazy change.

    I love OneNote, too! I guess you must have MS Office with your new pc? There’s this thing on Windows 7 called sticky notes that work just like actual sticky notes, and I use those as well.

    We did find a way to get Darc’s copy of Windows* on to my computer. 🙂 Legally! LOL I love those sticky notes too! I have one for FireFox too called Really Simple Sticky. It’s really simple, heh, but it can be nice on the open tab when you’re working on something. 😀

    Of course, that’s an old one, and I’m sure they have much better ones now if you do a search on FF add-ons. That’s just the one I had when my comp died. I was able to get most of my add-ons back thanks to an add-on called Siphon.

    Sheesh, forget I mentioned Really Simple Sticky! Get Internote or Firenotes instead! Wow!

    *I meant, of course, MS Office. 🙄


  3. Onyx

    Sounds like a pain in the butt! Their example you mentioned sounds very “wordy”

    Weekend was pretty up and down. Good stuff, and bad stuff. Followed by a kick in the teeth today. Half the country celebrates a holiday, and the other half doesn’t… so we need to get in touch with someone in Ontario, but they’re out of the office… so more waiting.

    I’m sorry for the kick in the teeth. Those are never good. 😦

    What holiday are you guys celebrating? We had President’s Day down here today. Used to be Washington’s birthday.


    • Onyx

      I live in the half of the country that doesn’t celebrate this holiday. It’s called “Family Day”… it started a few years ago or something.

      Ahh, I see. One of those “just because” kind of holidays. 🙂


  4. You could probably charge somewhere around a buck a page and be safely in market. A Google search on “freelance editor prices” will give you some idea. How to spread the word — that’s the real question.

    Good to know Love, thanks for that bit of info. 🙂


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