Tuesday Travels

Please come to Boston in the springtime! 

What a great little village.  Smile


A replica of the Mayflower.  This is truly awesome. 


What a cool view! 




You didn’t really think I’d do a post on MA and not mention my beloved Patriots, did you?  Winking smile


Speaking of hungry for more – check out this picnic basket!  Full of gourmet foods.  I bet Yogi wishes he could go to MA!

Taste of Massachusetts Picnic Gift Basket

Lobster rolls!  And along with this I want some New England Clam Chowder, and some Boston Baked Beans.  Oh my gosh I’m starving now!


And for dessert, Boston Cream Pie of course! 


I’ve never been to Massachusetts, have you?  I used to think I wanted to live there.  But now I can get Patriots updates online.  Smile  For sure I am going to visit one day.  There is so much history there! 

Everything has linky love, so click a pic if you’d like more information.  Smile

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. Okay, unlike all of the other places you’ve mentioned in your Tuesday Travels, I’ve actually been to Massachusetts. I didn’t like it there. The history stuff is pretty cool because I’m a history buff. But that’s it. The American Revolution is the history in Boston. But apparently, nothing has happened in Boston since the Revolution. Kinda sad. Then I spent a day in Salem. Wow. Crazy fanatical religious behaviour. Wow. “She’s doing math. She’s a witch!” I think I’ll pass next time I’m asked to take a trip of Bahstahn.

    I dunno, the Patriots won 3 Superbowls, that’s something since the Revolution. 😉

    In all seriousness, I’ve seen shows on current Salem, and I think I’d steer clear of that place too. I’d only go to Boston for the history myself.


  2. In 1992 the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria ship replicas were here in Miami. I was astonished how small they were and it seems people would have had to be a max of 5ft tall to fit into places. I can imagine how horrible the voyage was for the Pilgrims re food, water, sanitation, sickness. I cannot even imagine how horrible the Middle Passage was for slaves being transported from Africa. And the small viking ship navigating the icy North Atlantic with storms….

    I know! I used to think they were these grand old ships on par size-wise with something like the QE2. It’s really a punch in the gut when you see how small they really were and all they put up with on the journey comes crashing in on you.


  3. Man, everyone is leaving such deep and meaningful comments. This is my comment:

    Heck, that looks like some good pie!

    Well, I guess we can’t all be deep and meaningful all the time.

    I think enjoying a great piece of pie can be quite deep and meaningful. 😀


  4. Onyx

    Never been to the US, but Boston is on the list of places we’d like to hit someday! We’d LOVE to check out a baseball game at Fenway 🙂

    (skip on the NFL stuff though… NFL only exists in our world when Superbowl time is around)

    You guys are more hockey I think, and soccer in the warmer months, right?

    Fenway is a classic. 🙂 Even I’ve heard of it and I don’t follow baseball.


    • Onyx

      Hockey yes. 100% we love our hockey… but soccer… ugh… stab me. It’s such a whiny sport, and ever so painful to watch. It is crazy popular here, and becoming increasingly more so, but not our cup of tea.

      We’re all about softball in the summer 🙂

      Whew! A non-American who hates soccer too! Love it! LOL


  5. You are forbidden from showing pictures of food in your future posts!!!

    LOL View on a full tummy! 😉


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