Manor Moil

funny pictures-Wow, Monday rolled right over your face, dinnit?

Nah, it wasn’t Monday that did it, it was Saturday.  I swear, we did more running around that day than we probably have in a year. 

But we have all new tires now and the problem with the battery has been taken care of! 

The tires took the longest so we walked around … and around … and around … and around the mall, well mostly Sears but the mall too. 

We are not mall shoppers. 

And they lied about where their food court was.  I just looked it up online too – the food court is actually about 5 miles from where the signs said it was.  You think I’m kidding – let me show you!  Check this out!

FireShot capture #011 - '' - www_simon_com_mall_MallDirectoryPrint_aspx_id=1251

1 is where we walked out of Sears into the mall.
2 is where we saw the sign that said “Food Court!”
3 is where we decided to forget it and just go back to Sears.
The circle is where the food court really is, and you can see the trail of bread crumbs I made to show you how far away it was.  Heh, now that I look at it like this, that layout seems kind of lame.  You can’t cut across sections, like from green to red, or blue to purple.  You have to go all the way around.  See?  5 miles easy.  Quit rolling your eyes at me.

So that’s why my place is a mess and I’m going to be focused on housework today.  All that running around over the weekend, combined with the deadline on getting the edits done the previous week and a half, mean I did little to no housework.  Okay okay, I blew it all off, all right?  But I edited my husband’s book.  Open-mouthed smile  Neener.  Now I have to pay the piper, lookout vacuum, here I come!

And how was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Manor Moil

  1. Onyx

    Holy, that’s a big-ass mall! Lots of units! The one I was working at is super small in comparison! And ours doesn’t have a real food court, places that serve food, have their own eating are within their unit, which is a pain in the ass at times. Some of your other readers may roll their eyes, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be walking around that mall! I hate walking around my mall… well, I hate walking around anywhere right now (at a SERIOUS waddling point), so maybe I’m biased. 😉

    Very happy to hear you guys have your tires and stuff all fixed up, takes some stress off when you have to travel every day!

    It’s MUCH bigger than I remembered it being, that’s for sure!

    Yeah, you’re in waddle mode now, but not too much longer hon. And it’s all worth it – you’ll see. 🙂

    Oh for sure the stress is lower! Brakes next! Woo! Our poor ol’ boy is glad at all the attention lately – it’s hard to be an old car around here!


  2. Was that a map of the mall? Or O’Hare? :mrgreen:


    It’s hard to tell the difference, isn’t it?! That place is huge!


  3. That mall is insane. Down with malls.

    My weekend was not good. I don’t need to bore the world with the tedious details, but it ended with a kiddo with strep throat. Oh, and the week began with the departure of my boss. No 2 week notice, mind. Lots of expletives and a emotional walk out.


    This coming weekend promises to be better. Though still no leadership at work. But strep under control.

    Avoid malls!

    Oh my! That is a bad week! I’m sorry about your son, and having to deal with the drama of your boss leaving in what sounds like a
    hissy quit.” I hope your son gets well fast and that you get a promotion. 🙂

    Down with malls! Or at least super crowded ones. I kind of understand why Michael Jackson would pay to have them closed so he could shop in peace, lol.


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