Tuesday Travels

Guess where?  Just guess!

Figured it out yet?  Open-mouthed smile 

Let’s start with a Taste of Hawaii basket from Foodland.  Want!  I read the description and it sounds awesome – mango jam and coffee, yum!  Click the link to order one for yourself.  Or for me.  You know, if you’re feeling generous.  Winking smile

Pineapple shrimp anyone?  Looks amazing!  Click the pic and you’ll find lots more pics of other foods on the blog. 

Some tasty pics of Hawaiian food over here!  Like this one.

And this one.  Drooling yet? 

Thirsty?  How about a mai tai?  Yum!

And for those of you who can’t cross water, you can find a taste of Hawaii stateside at this place.  I’m in!  It means I can drive there!  How awesome is thatOpen-mouthed smile

How would you like to create your own taste of Hawaii by making Maui Mango Jam?  Follow this pic and see how.

Lilikoi sorbet.  Ahhhh, how refreshing on a hot summer day! 

Mother’s Day lunch at a 5-diamond Hawaiian restaurant.  Okay, but the wilted dandelions are still pretty great on Mother’s Day too.  I’ll put them next to my plate.  Open-mouthed smile  Fine dining and dandelions, what could be better?

And for dessert, Butter Mochi!  Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing, I was reading the recipe. 

How’s this for awesome news?  Iron Chef Morimoto has opened up a restaurant in Waikiki!  Now that’s some fine dining!  Smile

FireShot capture #013 - 'Morimoto Restaurant - Waikiki, Hawaii' - morimotowaikiki_com

When I was little, the most I knew of Hawaii was the jingle for C&H Sugar, and pineapples.  It’s one of our most gorgeous states, and food-wise, you can see how amazing it is.  I can’t wait to see it and taste it! 

As always, click the pics for linky love, and for YellowCat, sorry hon!  Winking smile 

Oh, and just so you know, it’s now officially Shamrock Shake season at McDonald’s.  You’re welcome.  Smile

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. Onyx

    Ordinarily, that wouldn’t sound like my cup of tea, but Hawaii is starting to sound nice… we had another small storm blow through here, and I think I’m fed up with this snow business for this year, but at the rate it’s going, even if we lose HALF the snow we have, we’ll still have 2-3 feet of snow in the middle of May when my birthday rolls around!

    There are times when the snow and cold just seem absolutely unbearable. You’re in one of those times, a time to feel cozy and warm and comfortable. 🙂 For me, snow and cold have no redeeming qualities, lol. 🙂


  2. Was watching Man V Food last night. Show was in Hawaii. Before I drool over the four pound buttermilk pancake challenge I shall drool over loco moco. White rice as a bed for two ground beef patties and two eggs over easy then drowned in gravy. Mmmmmmm!
    Then those four pound pancakes. Yummy! Three pancakes so big they need to flipped with a pizza paddle/peel. Served with blueberries, vanilla butter and vanilla syrup.
    So yummy looking. So so yummy.
    I don’t like the beach. Fortunately, I likey the pancakey!
    One day I shall go to Hawaii. Just can’t go yet. Don’t want to get there and then they tell me that they need a virgin to sacrifice to the volcano god.

    Four lb pancakes? Where can I sign up?! Those sound awesome! And vanilla butter? I need to explore this much more thoroughly. 🙂


  3. You see, I have to get leied before I go there.

    See what I did there.

    LOL Yes, I saw what you did there. 😀 I’m sure you’ll have no problems getting leied.


  4. Hi DF,
    These food pics made my stomach growl! They look so good. Another state I still need to visit.


    You should have heard my tummy when I was putting it together! I found a ton of pictures I didn’t use and boy oh boy, I felt like I hadn’t eaten in months!


  5. My brother has a house in Hawaii. He’s in the military so he lives all over the place in shitty apartments or the barracks. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but he says it’s beautiful.

    I had a relative who lived there several years ago and said how gorgeous it was. Expensive, but gorgeous. I would love to see it, but I don’t think I’d ever want to live there. I heard about the flying cockroaches. *shudder* The crawly ones are bad enough!


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