Goodness, I feel like I’ve been a software slave the last couple of days!  On Tuesday I was checking out Personal Information Managers.  I downloaded a couple to check out – VueMinder and Pimero – to see how they worked and if there was one I preferred over the other and I got lost in trying to figure them out.  One can import FaceBook, one doesn’t.  One will send a text message to my phone, the other one won’t.  And I couldn’t get the one that wouldn’t to work, because it’s supposed to be able to text to my phone.  One imported great from MS Outlook, one didn’t.  One had great “skins” choices, one was “meh.”  So back and forth I went for what seemed like hours.  I completely spaced out that I didn’t get a post up.  I got one up on my political blog, that probably threw my sense of accomplishment into chaos. 

And tonight I’ve been going over and over financial software.  As I mentioned before, my beloved MS Money has been discontinued.  I installed the version I have on my new computer and it’s been working fine, just like always.  I thought it was going to stop as of Jan 31, so I was pleasantly surprised that it still worked for me.  I was kind of hoping for a grace period, but Darc did some reading and found out that around the end of May, the grace period I’ve been experiencing will definitely END.  I’d kind of put that financial software search on hold but now I feel the pressing need to just get it done and off my plate.  I have spent hours tonight going though different programs, downloading trial versions, testing them out to see how they work, if they work like I need them to, and I have to say, I feel exhausted.  What a time consuming pain in the butt!  But on payday I will be making my purchase.  So, big whew on that one, it’s done and I can move on to something else now.  I decided to go with MoneyDance, because they have the online banking and bill paying that I was looking for.  Others had schedulers to remind you to pay a bill, but MoneyDance can actually make the payments for me when I tell it to, just like MS Money.  It’s so cool – it’s like writing a check, putting it in the envelope, sticking the stamp on and walking it to the mailbox, with just a single mouse click.  I’m all about convenience, baby! 

There were so many little interesting news thingies I wanted to link to this week, but if I do that now, this post will be WAY over the 500 words it roughly is now.  I guess I’ll save them for next week.  Thank goodness for Read it Later!  Would you believe that thanks to that little add-on, and Delicious and GMarks, I haven’t put a single bookmark into FireFox on this computer?  Nothing to lose if it breaks!  Yay!  Smile 

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2 thoughts on “Exhale

  1. I’ve tried Quicken and MS Money, and the problem with both is that they don’t type the numbers into themselves.

    Not only that, but they give me an error when I try to put in the number I want – they say it conflicts with the bank or something. Why won’t it believe I really have like, millions? 😉


  2. Onyx

    I have thought about money finance programs before in the past, and now thanks to your posting about them – at ironically a time when our finances have hit the fan – makes me feel like it may be a sign saying “this is what you need to do!” I’m curious about them, and after having read your post, discussed the idea with Matt, and we think we need to start looking into a software program to track our finances to finally know what we’re actually spending to the cent, instead of “okay, we spent around this much.”

    So thanks! Today you have been my guiding light!

    Oh I’m so glad! Thank you for saying that!

    There are tons of programs out there. Bottom line, know what you need first. Desktop or online? Budgeting or just keeping track? If you’d like something simple to start, I’d recommend ClearCheckbook.com. It’s a simple tracking program (and free too), online only but you can get an app for your cell phone if you want, and you don’t put ANY banking info in it. It’s basically just an electronic check register. You have to input everything yourself since it won’t “sync” but it does have a nifty little budget feature and also a recurring expenses list you can set up. 🙂 If I can help you in any way, just let me know sweetie. 🙂


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