imageI had the funniest dream the other night!  I remember cracking up in the dream, but I guess I didn’t laugh out loud because Darc said I never made a peep.

It was this weird thing where Darc and I were doing this charity event in Hollywood and we called it Bargain Hunters, and some newspaper saw that line and assumed that celebrities were being targeted, hunted down, assassinated, killed, etc., so they ran their story that way.  Our event ended up getting tons more publicity that we’d ever dreamed of, due to the stupidity of the press.  That’s why I was laughing, because their stupidity paid off so well for us. 

I know, weird huh?  It seemed so real!  It was nice to laugh in a dream though.  Open-mouthed smile


My son is in full bore Mario mode now.  We offered him a Spiderman cap and he turned it down.  Turned it down!  I never thought I’d see this day!  I figured he’d wear Spidey clothes to his wedding!  He’s been a Spiderman fan since he was 2.  I just hope I don’t have to live with Mario for the next 7 years. 


And how was your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Mirage

  1. My dreams have all been about things I saw that day. Like the night after I saw new pictures of my grandson on FB I dreamed about visiting with Zariah and the babies. (She’s having another boy next month, did I tell you?) And after I read an article about the stages of romance I dreamed I went through them all. Every night, something different. No wonder I’m loopy. 🙂

    Glad you had a good weekend.

    I tend to dream about my daily events during my first dream cycle. As the cycles progress, the dreams become more vivid and interesting and have nothing to do with however my day was. It’s kind of like watching a movie sometimes. 🙂

    You did mention she was having another boy. 🙂 I keep her in my prayers.


  2. Mario is a qualified plumber. Comes in handy. An in-house plumber who works for free is always better than calling up Roto-Rooter. Also, Mario doesn’t need to be coerced into eating his mushrooms.

    Do you know how expensive Roto-Rooter is?! My gosh, I called them up about 10 years ago when we had a root problem in our house that we had, and they wanted over $500! I went to Home Depot, rented a snake and Darc and I took care of it ourselves for about $50. *I* was MarioNess that day! LOL


  3. My dreams live and asleep: money to pay the bills. They are all based on that. If I loose lots of little kittens in a dream it means I have not cared for myself. I am really tired of this depression we are living through and wish it were a dream. Love and hugs. SH

    I have had those dreamsnightmares. I am so sorry you are having them now. I wish there was something I could do for you, something to put an end to those bad dreams. Love and hugs back, dear one.


  4. Onyx

    It’s funny what our minds create. I always wonder if I talk about what I am dreaming about – I’m an avid sleep talker, so after a crazy dream, I always like to double check with Matt to see if he heard anything.

    I dream about lots of weird stuff, and things that couldn’t possibly happen. And lately, I keep seeing a little blonde girl. Sometimes the girl is an infant, and sometimes a toddler, and the oldest I saw her she was maybe 4-5? Makes me wonder if I am going to have a girl, but I’ve read that often dreaming of a girl means you’re having a boy. So I guess we’ll see.

    I always had opposite gender dreams with my babies too. 🙂 Everyone is different though. 🙂 No ultrasound results on whether it’s a boy or girl? Or did you just decide to “wing it” and wait until it’s born?


    • Onyx

      We’re “winging it”… we’re excited now that it’s so close to being here to know what the baby is, so we can finally call it by name and such, but honestly, we’ve had no desire to know ahead of time. Life doesn’t have enough surprises anymore.

      I’m excited for you sweetie. 🙂

      I hope you continue to feel that life doesn’t have enough surprises. 🙂


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