Tuesday Travels

Back on the East Coast this week.  Smile

A Taste of Maryland Deluxe Gift Package even has coffee, tea, and cookies!  I want the little crab plushie toy too, how cute is that?! 


Here’s an entire book dedicated to historical Maryland cuisine and restaurants.  How fun would this be to have on a tour of the state?  “This combination travel guide/cookbook features more than 75 restaurants, many of them time-honored establishments located in historic buildings.”


Even Maryland wildlife has a cuisine, you know!  Winking smile  Couldn’t resist the bird picture.


I saw this and my mouth just watered.  I know what I’m making when I’m finally on the maintenance phase of Atkins! 

Aunt Phil’s Italian Crab Sauce


SpongeBob is jealous.  Very jealous.  Mr Crab is apoplectic.  Squidward is … Squidward.

Colossal Crab Cakes


Doesn’t this look like a nummy, refreshing summery type of salad? 

Mediterranean Crab and Bow Tie Pasta Salad


Oh I bet this goes down great with some chips!  And a tall frosty glass of pop.  Yum! 

Maryland Steamed Shrimp Salad Sandwich


Grab the Trisquits!  Here I come!  Ooh, I wonder if El Ranchero tortilla chips would go good with this?  (Best tortilla chips EVER, just so you know.)

Maryland Crab Dip


Another state that has a wine country!  This is so cool!  I had no idea there were so many US states that grew wine grapes until I started doing these travel posts. 

Maryland Wine Country!


You didn’t think I’d forget dessert, did you?  Oh no.  Never.  Open-mouthed smile  By the way, get your own Smith Island Cake, this one’s mine!

Smith Island 9 Layer Cake




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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. As usual, I leave your Tuesday travels with my stomach growling. That cake looks incredible! Never seen so many layers. You really should share! :mrgreen:


    Welllllll … okay, maybe just a slice. 😉


  2. Onyx

    I was watching Man vs. Food last night, and he was in Maryland eating crab cakes, and then went somewhere to eat an obscene amount of steak. All the crab – not my cup of tea though, I prefer fish cakes made from haddock.

    That cake isn’t helping any. Making me hungry!

    Surf and turf, my favorite meal! I have come to love crab in recent years. Learning how to cook it helps bunches, lol. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever had haddock. Is that a mild fish?


    • Onyx

      I’m not an avid fish eater, but I’ve been working on it. So I honestly don’t know if you would call it a mild fish or not, I guess so, it’s not super strong in flavour by any means, but it’s not bland, either? lol

      I love haddock, it’s what I grew up on (always breaded as fish and chips), and it took until the last 4-5 years before I finally started trying haddock cooked/baked other ways, and it’s delicious no matter how you cook it. We’ve made attempts at trying other fish… like picking up haddock for supper, and then a small piece of salmon, or tilapia to try on the side, but so far, no good. It could be we haven’t found a way of cooking them that we like, too, but it’s hard to want to order other fish on a menu when you see it, which is rare, too, because haddock is the only fish you see on a menu for fish and chips in Nova Scotia, unless they have a “seafood section” and offer some other type of dish, because fish and chips does NOT come with any other fish unless you leave the province. I have friends in Ontario who have given up trying to find a good fish and chips there simply because all the places serve it with cod – and when you’ve grown up in NS – who does that??

      Steak though – mmmmmmm – I love me some good steak! Prime rib all the way baby! There is a local beef farm near where Matt’s family has cottages, and that’s where I first tried prime rib and it was the best thing in the world, and now we live near by, so I cannot wait for this summer for trips to the cottage, pick up steaks on the way by, and grill by the ocean. Oh yes, it will be epic. I’ve been craving steak like MAD during the pregnancy.

      You make me jealous with all this talk of steaks! Steak rules! And remember – there’s no such thing as a chicken knife. 😀


  3. So, lemme get this straight, there’s nothing in Maryland but food. Okay.

    You need more waterfall and foliage pictures? Lord knows *I* love to look at them, but I figured you all were sick of those, seeing as how you – and yes I mean YOU – never commented on them. Harumph.


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