imageSo I’ve heard anyway, what kitteh says.  *ahem*  Winking smile

For the record, I have to say that being on the Atkins diet has been pretty painless.  I mean, sure, I get the craves on sometimes.  But I like how I feel.  I haven’t had the usual heartburn troubles I’ve had in the past.  I don’t feel all bloaty and swelly and my joints don’t have that annoying achy feel to them.  And my clothes are slowly but surely getting looser. 

I am convinced that High Fructose Corn Syrup is the devil. 

Just sayin’! 

I have made just 2 concessions with Atkins.  Because I’m battling that yucky skin thing, I take a daily dose of cranberry juice and yogurt like medicine.  And I gotta say, it’s working!  My skin is improving to the point the infection is almost totally gone.  Woo!  I was just reading how some skin conditions can take several weeks, up to a year to get better.  Because the juice and yogurt is so high in carbs, I try to stay carb-free on everything else I eat, and know what?  I’m still in ketosis.  Smile  That’s fat-burning mode for you folks not familiar with Atkins. 

So when I weigh the carb-crave against the feeling-better thing, feeling better wins and I can shrug off the carbs.  Also, I think I’m getting a little bit of Help, like I did with the quitting smoking thing.  Smile  I still keep a ton of carbs in the house for the kids, and I’m not anywhere near as tempted as I thought I would be.  Plus, it’s easier with both Darc and I doing it together.  I’m not a short-order chef anyway so we all eat the same stuff.  It works well.

And I have to say, that Black Forest yogurt from Yoplait is totally awesome stuff.  Yum! 

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7 thoughts on “Weighsted

  1. My step-dad’s been doing the low-carb thing for ages and he loves it. Good to hear that your skin condition is clearing up – that’s an excellent sign for your overall health!

    I’ve been a huge admirer of Dr Atkins since I first heard about him from Darc way back when we met. 🙂

    Thanks! It’s so nice to feel like I’m getting better and making progress. 🙂 I pray for the same for you with the health issues!


  2. Cranberry juice cures a lot of stuff! I bought some cranberry pills so I don’t have to drink it, but I keep forgetting to take them.

    My son told me it’s better warm, and he’s right, it has less bite when it’s warm. So now I pour a little glass and sip it later in the day, after it’s gotten to room temperature. Did you know, it can even help with tooth and gum problems? That stuff just amazes me! 😀


  3. Congrats on the progress!

    Thanks! 🙂


  4. If you break the cookie in half and shake it, the calories fall out. Also, if you eat the cookie standing up, the calories won’t stick.

    Just thought you should know.

    Oooh! I didn’t know those rules! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to remember them! Good to know. 😀


  5. Onyx

    Congrats on the progress! That’s excellent 🙂

    Thank you sweetie. 🙂


  6. High fructose corn sugar is being “reintroduced” as corn sugar. I’ll take cane sugar over corn any day. I think soft drinks taste so much better with it.

    Congrats on your weight loss program-keep it up! :mrgreen: I know how hard it can get. I lost 80 lbs. over 8 years ago & have been able to keep it off. What helped me lose the weight & keep it off is walking about 2-3 miles a day. I have to thank my dog for insisting that I go, even in the most foul weather.


    We found out about Throwback Pepsi last year – oh my goodness! It was so awesome!

    Corn sugar, HFSC, corn syrup – the devil by any other name is still the devil!

    Wow, go you! That’s so fantastic! Yay for you for keeping it off too, that’s wonderful!

    Walking – yeah, I should start. But your foul weather doesn’t really compare to my foul weather. 😉 Besides, I might do that yucky sweat thing. Eww!


  7. Holly

    Good for you! Ya know, when you commit to something you really stick with it. How do you DO that? I am really really bad about staying with something, with anything. You must have great focus. I have great intentions, of course, but I forget that I’m even trying to accomplish something. 🙂

    I am proud of you. 🙂 You go girl. 🙂

    Oh Holly, you’re so sweet! Thank you! I always fear that I won’t stick to anything, that was my habit when I was a kid, constantly starting projects and never finishing them. I think that’s why it takes me so long to commit, because I’m afraid I’ll quit halfway through. I have terrible focus! Post-it notes, a very focused husband, and other Help seems to keep me in line. Not necessarily in that order. 😉


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