imageEditing, that is.  Yep, we got the 2nd round of proofs back from the publisher, and from just a quick glance, it looks like they applied the corrections we made after the 1st round, and that they went ahead and made some more of their own without consulting Darc or anything.  We found a few things – so far – that were not wrong before, but now have typos and are incorrect. 

I just don’t get it. 

The last time we went through this process, it was a cake-walk.  The team and manager which Darc worked with consulted with him throughout the process and before the book went to the proof stage, so when it got to proof stage, there wouldn’t be much which needed to be done.

This team, on the other hand, didn’t consult with him at all, told him there was very little editing which needed to be done, and then when we get the 1st proofs back, we found multiple re-writes and typos which were not in the original manuscript. 

Just so you know, there aren’t supposed to be 2nd proofs.  And – as you probably know if you know my husband – he is about typos like the Princess was with the Pea.  It would be one thing if the corrections were improvements.  But when they are wrong, contain typos, and factual errors which weren’t in the text he submitted, well, perhaps you can understand his frustration. 

We have this week to re-correct the corrections which shouldn’t have been “corrected” in the 1st or 2nd place. 

I can’t wait for this one to be done!  Poor Darc.  He’s the one with his name on this.

So if you don’t see me much this week, that’s why.  Deadlines and all that. 

In the meantime, how was your weekend?  We found out our neighbor did indeed have a baby a week and a half ago – she never even looked pregnant at all!  Never even a waddle walk!  I stepped over to drop off a little gift and talked to the new daddy and mentioned how surprised we were.  He proudly commented that his wife was almost back to her pre-baby weight.  I did not tell him this made other women want to sit on her and make her eat ice cream until she gained at least 40 lbs.  Skinny little thing!  Hopefully the box of candy we gave them in addition to the baby toy will help toward that end.  Winking smile  Congratulations to the 2 of them!

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2 thoughts on “More

  1. Onyx

    Sorry to hear this editing team is being such a pain for you guys. Sounds like I’d be ripping my hair out if it were me!

    Yes, make her eat ice cream! And donuts! I am hoping I can drop the baby weight I’ve gained quickly, not that it has been a whole lot (only around 20lbs), but still, I’d like to see it go, along with a lot of other weight, too. 🙂

    Oh yeah, hair ripping mode commenced! 😉

    She’s a tiny thing, and we had no idea she was even pregnant! She must have only gained like a half pound, if that. That’s why we thought they’d adopted! I say ice cream, doughnuts, AND cake!


  2. Oh, editing…

    But for laughs, perhaps you will enjoy this.

    Hope the embed works.

    LOL! Yeah, it worked! Too cute! Personally, I think cats with thumbs might not be such a bad idea. 🙂 But then, I’m a cat person. 😉 Thanks for sharing the funny! 🙂


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