Tuesday Travels

A West Virginia cookbook.  This belongs in my kitchen! 


I love pecan cookies!  These also have a hint of orange, and the magical cranberry!  WANT!


Nut cake  – the West Virginia way! 


Garden Vegetable Bread Recipe – a savory bread made by a woman in WV.


“Ceviche & tropical fruit shorbread from Rezan’s at the Taste Of Bridge Day”


More from the Taste of Bridge Day!  A Diogi’s Fish Taco


BACON!!  You won’t believe what they’ve done with bacon! 


A sample of food you can find on the road in WV – chili dogs!


As a matter of fact, there is a whole blog dedicated to the wonder that is known as The West Virginia Hot Dog!  Click the pic to check it out! 


Greenbrier Valley in WV has great food to offer the visitor.  Who wants a taste?!


West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls – traditional to WV, but Pizza Hut seems to be making a version now which my pepperoni-craving daughter just loves.  I’ll have to make some of these for her!


Gluten Free Pepperoni Rolls – and how awesome do these look?! 


Head to the Nuttin Fancy restaurant in Whitesville WV for a taste of some homemade WV cookin’.  Check out that pie!  I love apple pie! 


The photo caption said: “Cheesecake at Taste of West Virginia Food Court, which is managed by the Greenbrier”  I can taste it now, yum!  I love cheesecake!  Although I am more partial to blueberry or cherry cheesecake, you won’t find me turning down cheesecake of any kind! 




I have been to West Virginia!  I think it is one of the most beautiful spots in our nation.  We traveled on the West Virginia Turnpike through mountains and forests that were gorgeous in winter – we could only imagine what their beauty must be in the other seasons.  We do intend to find out one day though.  Oh yeah we’re going back!  One day we’ll be making a road trip through that area.  Smile 



You can see forever.  Smile

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels

  1. West Virginia, for people who wanted to leave Virginia, but not go that far.

    West Virginia, where abolition meant “Hey, let’s enslave white folks too!”

    West Virginia, where the Hatfield-McCoy feud is still going strong.

    West Virginia, where the official language is drunk talk.

    West Virginia, where cousins and other close relations are only off limits during daylight hours.

    I think you have WV confused with someplace else. Toronto maybe.


  2. I just ate lunch, and those photos made me hungry all over again. I might add that a tin of tuna, a whole wheat bagel, and some past-their-prime frozen veggies cannot compare to the riches of taste you have put before my eyes.

    They made me hungry too and I’d just eaten dinner! LOL

    It’s fun to dream of riches of taste. 🙂

    Sorry about your tuna.


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