Tidy Dog

A young boy, about eight years old, was at the corner "Mom and Pop" grocery picking out a pretty good size box of laundry detergent.  The grocer walked over, and, trying to be friendly, asked the boy if he had a lot of laundry to do.

"Oh, no laundry," the boy said, "I’m going to wash my dog."

"But you shouldn’t use this to wash your dog.  It’s very powerful and if you wash your dog in this, he’ll get sick.  In fact, it might even kill him."

But the boy was not to be stopped and carried the detergent to the counter and paid for it, even as the grocer still tried to talk him out of washing his dog.

About a week later the boy was back in the store to buy some candy.  The grocer asked the boy how his dog was doing.

"Oh, he died," the boy said.

The grocer, trying not to be an "I-told-you-so", said he was sorry the dog died but added, "I tried to tell you not to use that detergent on your dog."
"Well, the boy replied, "I don’t think it was the detergent that killed him."

"Oh? What was it then?"

"I think it was the spin cycle!"


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2 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. The stupid kid shoulda hung him on the clothes line. The Dept of Energy will give you a big income tax credit because a clothes line is a solar dryer.

    LOLOL Too true Carl! Great call on that one! 😀

    Maybe the township where he lived wouldn’t allow clothes lines though. 😉


  2. Good one and right on time. My grands just left and as they did, I turned around and got a good look at their handiwork.

    Great joke.

    LOL Did they leave their “handprints” all over everything? Just when you think you’ve finally gotten the brood out of the nest, the next generation comes in to keep the couch cushions all messed up again. 😉 Hope you had a nice visit anyway. 🙂


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