Well Well Well

So Much Pun

I wonder what happened with WordPress yesterday.  Have you heard anything?  I know they’ve experienced some bad Denial of Service attacks a couple of weeks ago, so I wonder if yesterday’s event had something to do with that.   At first, I thought it was a problem with my Internet service, so I tried to check with my phone, and that’s when I got the message that it was WordPress and not me.  Which was actually kind of refreshing because usually it’s me. 

That was the most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Open-mouthed smile 

Today is our play day.  Every Wednesday, no school for us.  Don’t you wish I’d been your mom and homeschooled you too?  Winking smile  Heh, and my kids still complain about the other 4 days.  They won’t believe me when I tell them how lucky they are. 

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4 thoughts on “Well Well Well

  1. It seems like every day there’s a different website I can’t access. That’s why I’ll never keep my backups only online. I think I should probably be printing out my documents, too, but surely they can’t all go down at the same time.

    Oh that’s the truth! Seems like there’s always something! I’ve become a fan of those thumb drive thingies – they’ve come way down in price and hold a lot of stuff. 🙂


  2. Play day is important to education too. Organizing something, making artsy-craftsy things, bird watching, catching lizards and chasing butterflies are just as important as the times tables or subject- verb agreement. If you’re by the ocean like me here in Miami, ocean day can be fantastic in the field learning. I guess similar things can be planned for other topography as well like leaves and rocks and such.

    I miss the ocean! *sigh*

    Education is about so much more than school, no? 😀 You are so right about play.


  3. Onyx

    Nice – no school on Wednesdays would have been lovely!

    I like a lot of aspects of the idea of homeschooling, we’ve discussed it a lot, honestly, and I think our biggest concern is the socializing, and trying to get enough interaction with other children. Plus, there is a French school here, which was one of the points the HR rep kept bringing up when she met us and was listing all the great reasons to move to the area, which we’re both really keen on, too. Then the school Matt went to, which is near by, ranks crazy high in academics and athletics, which is appealing, because I grew up in a tiny town with a bare bones school, and I wanted so much more than they could offer. And I know it’s a long way away (well, five years), but it’s hard not to consider these things because we are hoping to buy a house by then.

    Anyway, I ramble.

    Do you love homeschooling your kids? Do they ever express any interest in public school?

    I could bend your ear for hours on the socialization thing. 🙂 It’s usually the #1, if not only, question/objection people raise about homeschooling.

    Every family has to make the decision that’s best for them. I have lots of reasons for homeschooling, and honestly, my liking it never really entered into it. It was just one of those things that I believed in, and believed was best for my kids. Like changing diapers. 😉 It’s in their best interests so that’s what I do, know what I mean? Fortunately, I do like it. Sure there are good days and bad days, just like with everything. But even today, which was a less than great day, I pointed out to my son that he does school roughly a dozen hours a week, compared to public school kids who are gone from home at least 45. Since I have taught him math, he was able to figure out that 12 hours of school is much more preferable than 45. 🙂 No, they don’t express an interest in public school. My son resents that he has to do school at all, but since he does, he prefers home to public. He just really hates addition and subtraction, but he loves multiplication. I’m not sure how he’ll take to division. 😉


  4. I didn’t notice any wordpress problems, but then I don’t notice a lot of things.

    You might have been working on one of those extra shifts after new-hire quit. They seem to get things resolved fairly quickly at WP. 🙂


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