A Customer Service Quandary

My Aunt passed away this past January.  Her bank billed her for February and March for their monthly service charge on her credit card, and then added late fees and interest on the monthly charge.  The balance had been $0.00, but had now grown to somewhere around $60.00.  I placed the following phone call to the bank:

Me: "I am calling to tell you that she died in January."

Bank: "The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply."

Me: "Maybe, you should turn it over to collections…"

Bank: "Since it is two months past due, it already has been."

Me: "So, what will they do when they find out she is dead?"

Bank: "Either report her account to the frauds division, or report her to the credit bureau…maybe both!"

Me: "Do you think God will be mad at her?"

Bank:"Do I think God… excuse me, what did you say?"

Me: "Do you understand what I was telling you… specifically the part about her being… dead?"

Bank: "Sir, you’ll have to speak to my supervisor!"
(Supervisor gets on the phone)

Me: "I’m calling to tell you, she deceased in January."

Bank: "The account was never closed and the late fees and charges still apply."

Me: "You mean you want to collect from her estate?"

Bank: "…..(stammer)" …. "Are you her lawyer?"

Me: "No, I’m her great nephew, but feel free to contact her lawyer at: XXX"

Bank: "Could you fax us a certificate of death?"

Me: "Sure."

( Later, After they have gotten the fax. )

Bank: "Our system just isn’t setup to handle this…"

Me: "Oh…"

Bank: "I don’t know what more I can do to help…"

Me: "Well… if you figure it out, great! If not, you could just keep billing her… I suppose…don’t really think she will care…."

Bank: "Well…the late fees and charges do still apply."

Me: "Would you like her new billing address?"

Bank: "That might help."

Me: "Fredrickson Memorial Cemetery, Hwy 19 and plot number 233."

Bank: "Sir, that’s a cemetery!"

Me: "Yes sir, that’s what we do with our departed loved ones."


Apparently we can now add “late fees” onto those 2 other things we can be certain of!  LOL  Try and have a good weekend anyway!

And no, this isn’t an “April Fool’s joke,” although it is April 1st and it is a joke, it’s still not an April Fool’s joke, if you know what I mean! 

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2 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. Ah the perils of working in an office. I think the bad lighting does something to the brain.

    A few weeks after my mother died, I got a letter from MY credit card company telling ME they were sorry that I had passed away and they were closing MY account. Well, I called and said, “Hey, I got this letter from you saying you were sorry I was dead.”

    But this guy was a bit more on top of things than the people you dealt with. He paused for a moment and said, “Hmm, you don’t sound dead.” And we had a good laugh and he fixed it.

    But what idiot wrote the letter in the first place? And I tripled check that they weren’t talking about my mother. Oh well.

    Love that you gave them a cemetery address!

    Oh my goodness, they had a letter that YOU had died? Wait – they sent you condolences on your death? How bizarre is that?! At least you got it all straightened out!

    I thought the guy in the story I posted was pretty quick witted, especially to give them his aunt’s plot number! LOL That was rich. 😀


  2. Excellent post. It seems that we all have similar stories to tell. My sister who was living with me at time of her demise passed away to decades ago. She was single. I handled her funeral arrangements, as expected. By the time of her passing, the woman was practically destitute.
    When the final hospital bill that part that wasn’t covered by medicare came in, I contacted the hospital on several occasions informing them of her passage. I mean, she passed in that hospital. She was picked up by the funeral home and released deceased from that hospital, but….
    They asked about her estate, I told them she had none. They asked about an executor, I told them she had none. Finally, she asked who buried her, I told them to suck an egg.
    They forwarded her account to a collector’s agency who eventually just left it alone but you really cannot make this stuff up.

    Good Lord, they weren’t going to stop until they found someone they could stick the charges to, were they?!

    I don’t know who the gentleman was in the story above, but I got it from an email from a man I know whose mother recently passed, and he commented that he and his sister were going through similar things too, which was why he found the “joke” so relevant.

    I’m sorry about your sister. I lost my brother almost 20 years ago too. I understand. *hugs*


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