Heh, so I do a post on browsers, and how FireFox is still my favorite despite Chrome having some cool new features, and my hits from Google Search Engine Terms drops by 95%.  That’s how you can tell when you’ve irritated the kiddies.  🙄


One of my most popular posts for over 2 years now isn’t even showing up in my Views stats since I did the browser post.  Interesting, no?  Each day, one of my top 5 posts drops off the map.  And the rest of my stats are rolling ‘round the basement floor. 


WordPress decided to play a stats joke on me.  Maybe they got you too?

This is what I saw on my dashboard on Friday.


Wow, right?  WOW!  Wait a minute!

A mouse-over showed this:


Stinkers!  Smile with tongue out


So  I did a little more research on my stats thing.  Could be WordPress, right?  I mean, my hits took a hit – no pun intended – after they put me on the front page a couple of years ago.

This is what I found:

I had some things in my referrer list from a strange URL.  I looked up the URL.  It looked like this:


The source URL?

It looked like this:


So instead of people coming to my page when they click a link, they get a re-direct message. 

Tell me again that Google doesn’t muck around with its search algorithms. 

Things that make you go, “Hmmm.”

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2 thoughts on “Madness

  1. Weird! Don’t let them get to you, Fal. Fight the man!

    Eh, if I was relying on traffic as an income generator, I might fight it, but I still wouldn’t have any idea how, or who to fight.

    It does demonstrate though, that Google isn’t the angel it likes to portray itself as being.


  2. To think that they can do that, and with such a friendly image of a delicious ice-cream sundae, too! Outrageous.

    It definitely is maddening.

    Don’t be deceived by the sundae, is all I have to say. 😉


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