How happy do you think the baby princess is to get out of this:

And into this?

Actually, she’s inheriting the big brother’s old hand-me-down bed and he got the new one.  But for her, to be out of her baby crib finally, at 5 years old, is a pretty big deal.  Smile  Poor baby was sleeping kitty-corner in that crib.  I took the one side off a few years ago, when she was not quite 3 so it was like a daybed/toddler bed.  But, she’s growing and the crib is not and we were finally able to do something about it. 

Still, I was a tiny bit sad to take the crib out to the dumpster.  It’s the symbolism of the thing, the absolute end of an era.  And while I may wave it a fond farewell, part of me is really sad to see it go. 

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4 thoughts on “Waving

  1. That is sad. 😦 And happy! 😀 Yay for the princess!

    I’m not sure if I was as ready as she was. But she is happy therefore so am I. 😀


  2. It’s a dark, happy day, ain’t it love? Our baby’s growing up… dang her.

    I keep telling her to stop growing! Little rebel won’t listen.


  3. This reminds me of a woman I know in Skokie who had a door post in their large, beautifully modern kitchen whereon she had made little marks to gauge the growth of each of her 3 kids over the years. They’re all out of college now and she kept it up for sentimental reasons. Then one day she hired a Polish cleaning lady who took some solvent and scrubbed all the marks away, thinking, idiotically, that it was a mess someone had made.

    She was heartbroken.

    I don’t blame her. I was sad to lose precious memories like that too.

    Honestly though, how can you not tell it’s the kids growth chart? Wow.


  4. If I see one more little girl walking around dressed like a Disney princess, I’m gonna start stabbing parents.

    ROFL! I bet!

    Yay!! You’re home! I have missed you young man! 😀


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