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Nope,  not very motivated at all.  Could be the heat – it was hot here over the weekend.  Like in the 80’s and super humid hot.    Supposed to be cool on Monday, complete with storms.  It’s totally weird to run the air conditioner in early April.  I remember a few years ago we got like 8” of snow on April 1st, so this is just weird.

But that is the nature of the weather around here.


I have to put a plug in for one of the bloggers I follow.  I found Bookworm maybe 3 years ago or so.  I love her writing.  She’s roughly my age, grew up in the SF Bay Area like I did, but she grew up liberal and later came to conservatism.  In real life, she’s a lawyer.  She blogs with wit and style, and she’ll make you think – unless you’re opposed to that.  Winking smile  It’s not easy living as a conservative in such a hard-core liberal enclave as San Francisco.  Bookworm has to always be on her toes.  Now, she’s put together a collection of some of her best and favorite posts and e-published them.  Because I support great writing, e-publishing, and love Bookworm’s way with words and ideas, I’m encouraging you to click the link and check her out, buy her book.  Hey, she’s brave enough to be a conservative in San Francisco, surely you can be brave enough to buy an e-book.  Open-mouthed smile

via Bookworm Room » The Bookworm Turns — an e-book with collected posts from the Bookworm Room.

You can buy my e-book, The Bookworm Turns : A Secret Conservative in Liberal Land, at either Amazon or at Smashwords. If you want to buy through Amazon, don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. You can easily download Kindle apps for smart phones, iPads, PCs or Macs. Smashwords offers even more options for e-books, so check it out. Also, if you’re opposed to buying a pig in a poke, both Amazon and Smashwords allow you to preview about 20% of the book before you make up your mind whether to buy.


Here’s what people have been saying about my writing:

“Bookworm has become one of my favorite bloggers. She lives in California and writes on intellectual and domestic political issues, always with a fresh angle.” — Barry Rubin

“Reading Bookworm’s essays is like intellectual chocolate – highly addicting, except it expands your mind instead of your waistline!” – JoshuaPundit

“I’ve been a follower of Bookworm for years and am reading the book now. Her writing is thoughtful, smart, and always entertaining.” — Right Truth


Now go have a great, and motivated, Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Motivated

  1. steve

    I’ll have to check out her blog.
    I hope all is well with you and yours little lady! Been missing you too!

    We are well, and I’m hoping the same for you and yours. 🙂
    *hugs* I think you’ll like her. 🙂


  2. It’s still rainy/snowy/cold here. I had to buy more firewood. I’m so over winter.

    It was back to the 30’s again for us today. 😦 I’m so over winter too. Matter of fact, I’m so over next year’s winter as well.


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