funny pictures - Why offer "A Word to the Wise" when it's the stupid ones that could really use the advice....I laughed out loud when I first saw this picture.  I just used it today because all the “w’s” go with Wednesday.  Smile  I like the symmetry in that.

Although … now that I think about it, wisdom is pretty cool.  I like the definitions:

the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.

the ability or result of an ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight

That’s man’s definition.  I did a search on Biblos and came up with 374 Bible verses on wisdom.  Now there’s a Bible study for you! 

Heh, one thing the “wise old owl” up there forgot, is that “the stupid ones” don’t listen to wisdom or advice anyway. If they did, they wouldn’t be stupid! It’s a never-ending circle. Winking smile

My Internet connection is having problems tonight it seems.  Perhaps they’re doing maintenance or something, seeing as how it is late-night and that’s typically when companies do that sort of thing.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get this posted.  Whatever the case, and whenever you see this, have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Why

  1. I wonder if Wise potato chips make you smarter ?

    If they sold them around here I’d be able to tell you! 😉


  2. Wisdom sucks. Being wise has never done me any good. It doesn’t make me happy. There is bliss in ignorance.

    Ha! Ignorance is getting blindsided. Wisdom sees it coming.


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