At Play

The eggs have been hunted.  They were killed before that, as my kids liked to say, getting giggles over the play on the word “dyed.”  Oh to be 5!  Everything’s funny!  “When are we gonna kill the eggs mom?”  Even more fun than the dyeing was the hunting.  You just never know where those eggs will pop up.  Smile 

I think we have just as much fun hiding them as the kids do hunting them.  We make them – the kids – hide in the laundry room, and we can hear their giggles as we tip-toe around the place, trying to figure out where would be good hiding spots for the eggs.  Sometimes, in years past, we’ve forgotten ourselves where we’d hidden an egg or two, so this year I just snapped a shot of each egg as we hid it.  With a 5 year old, I’m still a practitioner of “hiding in plain sight.” 


042411165257Now, we will be able to have devilled eggs to our hearts content.  Open-mouthed smile

Darc kept it secret from me until late Thursday night that he had Friday off.  That was a nice surprise.  We got to spend an awesome 3-day weekend together.  Good food, good times, good movies, fun and play and joy. 

Today is back to the grindstone.  The housework that didn’t get done Friday must be addressed today, the regular chores must be tended to.  The kids are still on school break for another week, so that’s cool.  Smile  They’ll have lots of fun eating through their Easter candy and bouncing off the walls, lol.  It’s supposed to rain here most of the week so it looks like no outside play for them.  Heh, they can help me vacuum.  😈

I hope you had a great weekend too!

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4 thoughts on “At Play

  1. My father says “another day down the drain” and “another day killed” I try to explain that since I’m coming up on 62 and he 88, we gotta find a more peasant metaphor for the passage of time.

    LOL, yeah, those sound a bit depressing. How about, “Another nickel in the slot”? Another rainbow in the view? 🙂


  2. Glad you had a good Easter. It rained here all weekend, and we just skipped the egg hunt. Nobody seemed to mind all that much. After all, they did get to hunt at school.

    Bummer about the rain! The weather here is so unpredictable, we always do the hunts indoors. (We even had snow just a few days before!) At least your kids got a chance to have a hunt though. 🙂 Hope your Easter was nice, despite the weather.


  3. Oooh, those cupiecakes look tasty! The egg hunt sounds fun. I like devilled eggs.

    They were! It was! Me too! 🙂

    Why is it that when the frosting is so pretty, it tastes better? I still say pastel Easter M&M’s taste sweeter than regular M&M’s too. 🙂


  4. Sounds like it was a great weekend!


    It really was. 😀 I hope yours was too!


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