Vacuum Villains

funny pictures of cats with captionsOne of the video games my kids love to play has a vacuum cleaner as the villain boss at the end.  It sucks up the digital stickers and little sack people and the hero has to fight it for several levels and defeat it before winning the game. 

My daughter has come a long way.  The vacuum used to be her mortal enemy and she’d run screaming and crying from the room whenever I pulled the vacuum out of the closet.  Then, several months ago my vacuum died, and I had to get a new one.  It’s much quieter than the old one, and the Princess didn’t seem to mind it so much.  She even came up with a nickname for it (Bluey) and has on occasion asked to help me vacuum, like yesterday. 

After I put the vacuum away yesterday, she came to tell me more about the vacuum villain in her video game, how it came to life and just vacuumed on its own, with no one pushing it.  “We need that mama, a vacuum that vacuums by itself!  It would be like Negativatron!”

“Well, they already do have a vacuum like that,” I told her. 

Her eyes got big and that fear flared up in the back of them.  “They do?  Like Negativatron?  (I think she just loves to say the name.)  For real?  Does it suck people up, like sack-bots?!” 

I could almost see the images going through her head, giant room sized vacuums with eyes and an evil laugh, sucking up furniture and people with bloodthirsty abandon. 

“No,” I said, “It’s little, about the size of your PS3 and it just moves around the house, it’s not huge at all.”

She was relieved, I could tell. 

I’m just glad she doesn’t go into full-on meltdown mode at the sight of a vacuum cleaner anymore!

And I’m a little envious of kitteh there, on a number of levels!  LOL  Some people just need smackin’!   

GIF: Iz on a Roomba, Ur Argument iz Invalid

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3 thoughts on “Vacuum Villains

  1. The cat has learned the advantage mechanized infantry gives one on the battlefield.

    ROFL Great line Carl! Love it! 😀


  2. You know, some people just DO need smackin’, don’t they? And that should still be a viable legal defense, IMO. “I did it because he jus’ needed smackin’, yerhonorsir.”

    “Well, then — CASE DISMISSED!” *BANGGAVEL!*


    It works for me! 😀 Love you!


  3. I love the video. A Siamese will master anything.

    We had a Siamese when I was little. She was a smart kitteh!


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