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"There is no great writing, only great rewriting." -Justice Brandeis

"No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft." -H.G. Wells

The new book needs to be written.  There will be a deadline pending and we have to move forward on it, despite feeling a bit … perturbed at the treatment from the Great Publishing Giant.  (see my husband’s blog for more, if you’re interested.  Smile )  Because the new book is similar in information to the one he did recently, but entirely different in structure and format, it needs a re-write.  Some things need to be cut back, other stuff needs to be added in.  “You want me to do some research for you?” I asked the writer-man. 

“Yeah, if you could gather some information on A, B, and C, that would be great!” he responded.

I diligently collected the material, but then struggled with where to put it.  Collect all the links and email them to him?  That doesn’t save the actual page, just the link.  Download the pages and save them as documents and collect the files on a thumb drive and have him upload them to his computer?  Time consuming and a pain, we tried that last time.  How could I make this process better?  Could I make this process better?  What about sharing files across our home network?

Hey!  What about OneNoteimage

I started compiling – happily – all my information and materials into a OneNote notebook.  I love OneNote.  I love it as much as I love Windows Live Writer.  [The only way OneNote could be better would be if Live Writer were incorporated with it somehow.]  When I showed Darc, I could tell he was dubious, thinking I’d created more work for him as far as copying and pasting goes.  It didn’t take him long to “get it” though.  Once he saw that I had everything he needed in one single location – no trying to remember which folder had which information, where were the notes, which folder had the screenshots, were those the updated files or the previous versions – he was thrilled and inspired.  Plus, sharing the notebook over our home network allows us to collaborate on the edits together, at the same time.  No crashing into each other trying to crowd around a single computer.  Smile  He can leave notes for me right in the notebook if he needs more research done.  I can insert comments if I think something needs to be tweaked. 

I could probably go on and on for days about OneNote, just like I have with Windows Live Writer, but for now, I just want to thank Microsoft for making me look brilliant to my husbandOpen-mouthed smile 

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2 thoughts on “Manuscripts

  1. I don’t Microsoft to make you look brilliant to me, darling. They needed YOU to make their software standout in my eyes. Now that it does, you can credit yourself for turning me toward it as the great writing tool — fiction OR non — that it is! GREAT thinking, love! :*

    Thank you my Love. :*


  2. I saw Darcs write up of this. Sounds good. I shall keep it in mind for the future–assuming in future I’m still writing books.

    It’s a great program. By itself, it’s about $80. I’ve seen writing software cost much more than that – especially screenwriting software! It’s a great tool. 🙂 You can draw in it too.


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