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funny dog pictures - psst, hoomin left cheezburger on koffee table

When I saw this picture, I laughed, because it brought a memory to mind.

Shortly after Darc and I were married and we combined households, he brought a puppeh and I brought 2 kittehs to our new family.  One of my kittehs was getting up there in years but the other was barely out of kittenhood and liked to cause trouble.  She liked to tease the puppeh sometimes.

One afternoon, Darc and I grabbed some fast food for lunch and brought it home.  In the middle of eating, I remembered that we had a load of clothes in the laundry room that needed to go from washer to dryer.  The laundry room was on the floor above us, but a trip there and back would take maybe 3 minutes, tops.  People weren’t happy if someone left clothes in any of the machines, so I knew I shouldn’t just wait until after lunch. 

We left our lunch on the coffee table and ran up to the laundry room and were back in a flash, much less than 3 minutes.  I loathe cold fries.

We walked in and right away knew there was trouble.  First, the puppeh had decided that she didn’t like it when we left without her and to let us know, she left a stinky mess on the floor.  She was typically a very well behaved dog so I knew this was to punish me.  Secondly, I saw that my cheeseburger was gone.  No shredded wrapper on the floor, oh no, not from our delicate little furry girl!  She properly unwrapped my sandwich before she inhaled it, and I found the wrapper, spread whole, on the coffee table.  She was just a tiny little dog, my kids weighed more when they were born than she ever weighed!  I had no idea she could even get up on the coffee table, let alone inhale a sandwich that was at least the size of her head – all in 2 minutes. 

I learned not to underestimate her that day!  And I’d give a whole bunch of cheeseburgers to have her back with us again.  Smile

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