It started out as an innocent enough Thursday.  But when I started the housework routine, it seemed like things just fell apart.

I moved some shoes to vacuum beneath them

and a spider crawled up my hand.

I moved the garbage can to mop under it

and the can fell over

and the lid popped off.

I had to remove the bag to hook the lid back on

and the bag broke.

I put my slippers in the washer

and the washer shredded them.

I’m afraid to check on my roast!

This is why I have a stash of chocolate.  It’s for days like this one.

Dare I ask how your day is going?

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6 thoughts on “Murphday

  1. Suffice it to say the Lord told me, “Please — when I tell you to stay away from fast food, do as I say. Okay?”

    I’ve spent most of my morning in the bathroom. I’m sweating and cold. I may have food poisoning. I can’t tell. It’s a mild case if it is, but UGH. I couldn’t feel worse without actually being SICK.

    THAT’S how my day’s going. 😦

    But I get to see you again in a few hours and THAT is worth looking forward to!

    I’m sorry you’re not having a good day Love. 🙂

    Seeing you is the best part of the day! 🙂 LTY!


  2. Basic cause and effect. Is this for your science project ?

    Hahaha! It should be a science project, shouldn’t it?! lol


  3. Sparkling Red

    That reminds me of the day I ruined my floor by eating a cabbage roll. (1: bought cabbage roll in takeout container; 2: spilled tomato sauce on parka; 3: put parka in top-load washer, ignoring explicit instructions to only use front-load washer because what difference could it make?; 4: washer overflows and floods floor; 5: floorboards buckle and are ruined. We have rugs over those bits now.)

    Oh no! Yeah, that’s definitely up there on the bad-day scale! Tops mine by a long shot! I’m sorry about your floorboards. 😦


  4. When I started reading I thought there was going to be a punch line. Sorry your day was no fun at all. My day was good. Probably because I avoided most all housework.

    Ha! Nope, no punch line! LOL I guess a single one of “those” days isn’t much to complain about, but it made for blog fodder. 🙂

    Avoiding housework is always a good day! 🙂


  5. blackwatertown

    Days like that I think why on earth did I bring all the beer and booze down to our neighbour’s house for that party. Stupid stupid stupid.

    ROFL! See, it would be great if I could use too much drink as the reason for days like these! I have only myself to blame. 🙂


  6. I hate days like that. I seem to remember having an off day this week. Maybe the whole world was off.

    LOL I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse! If it’s just me, then I’m just out of whack and what else is new, but if it’s the world, then we’re all doomed!


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