He asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I froze, like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.  Me?  Pick out something?  But but but … how am I supposed to pick out something I want?  Isn’t that forbidden in the mommy rule book?  Somehow it just seems so wrong for a mom to choose, request, beg, demand, long for, something for Mother’s Day.  It goes against the grain.  My grain anyway.  Smile

I didn’t choose.  Couldn’t, actually.  “C’mon,” he insisted, “I know there are things you want – I’ve seen you bookmark tons of stuff!”

Well, sure.  But those aren’t Mother’s Day sorts of things.  Those are practical things, and shouldn’t a gift be outside of practical?  What mom wants to get a cleaning tool for Mother’s Day?  That’s why flowers and candy are so popular.

But no flowers or candy for me.

No candy on Atkins and really, I’m coming to the distinct realization that sugar and HFCS are poison for me because I react so badly to them. 

And my gardener’s heart only wants to weep at the sight of cut flowers.  A few years ago I actually asked my husband to pretty please never again buy me cut flowers.  Plants, yes.  Cut ones, no.  Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful and remembering special days but please, no cut flowers. 

I love jewelry but when would I wear it?  In the future I’ll probably be out and about more where that sort of thing will be more important to me, but right now, not so much. 

So I didn’t choose a gift for myself on Mother’s Day.  We picked out some food to eat so I wouldn’t have to cook.  Regrettably.  Whatever we got made both Darc and I feel terrible.  We really just can’t do that anymore! 

But Darc put his foot down eventually.  That man simply cannot do anything for himself without doing something for me as well.  He was finally able to treat himself to something nice.  Which meant there was no way he was not going to do something for me.  He knows me well enough to know one of the things I secretly wanted. 

My Tablet PC arrives next week.  Open-mouthed smile

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3 thoughts on “Want?

  1. My birthday is June 18 so sometimes it is on Father’s Day. My son never forgets. He always sends me a card for both. Usually around mid-September.

    Ha! That reminds me of a friend I had for decades. She often sent me a birthday card in January. Yep, I’m a June baby too. She’d say, “At least I remembered the month started with a J!” 🙄 LOL


  2. It’s my pleasure and joy to do this for you! I WANT you to have things you WANT! 🙂


    And that’s just a small part of what makes you so awesome! I love you for it. 😀 :* LTY2


  3. We will need pictures!

    I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

    I can’t ever tell someone to buy something for me. What I want and what I need are two different things and I usually go for what I need.

    I can’t either! I always feel so silly, standing there blinking.


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