This Week’s Thoughts

 America’s Prettiest Towns. These would make a great summer driving tour.  Remember when people used to do that sort of thing?
Animal Kingdom likely to run in Preakness. Did you see the race?  I saw the race!  I was able to stream it on the web!  It was a great race, you should have seen Animal Kingdom come from behind to win. 
13 Beauty Lessons Mom Was Right About. Somebody’s mom, I’m sure.  Smile  We can all use a tip or 2, right? 
The Best and Worst Kitchen Appliances. I love kitchen gadgets and appliances.  But no matter what, my dream freezer is still an upright.  Ahh, someday!

The Army Corps of Engineers disguised various aircraft plants along the West Coast

via After Pearl Harbor.

I stumbled on these a couple of years ago, and by chance found them again recently.  These are amazing photos, not just because they’re cool, but also for what our engineers were able to accomplish.  Stunning!
Commodore USA. Remember the Commodore 64?  It’s baaaaa-aaaack!
The 5 Biggest Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make. Are you in the market for a newer used car?  Here are some helpful tips we all could use, I’m sure.  I know car buying is a science at which I fail , so any help is welcome.
Cool Video: 9 Months = 2 Minutes. This is a really fun video.  I wish a real pregnancy lasted only 2 minutes!  LOL  Labor too!

Praying for those along the Mississippi River.  I remember when it flooded back in ‘93, only I’m hearing that this time is the worst it’s been since something like 1937.  Memphis is under water y’all, and Texas needs water to put out the wildfires.  Our southern heartland is hurting.  Don’t forget they’re trying to recover from all those tornadoes down in Alabama and surrounding states a couple of weeks ago, too.  So I’m praying for our south.  Join me!

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One thought on “This Week’s Thoughts

  1. Oh, the C64 is AWESOME! Guess what I want for Father’s Day?!



    You computer fiend! LOL 😀 Electronic gadgets galore! Woo!


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