funny pictures - "GIB ME LIVER TREAT  OR GIB ME DETH!!"

I confess, I have a weakness.  Just one, mind you!  Winking smile  I love liverwurst sandwiches.  They must be prepared a certain way though, otherwise forget it.  Sometimes I’ll have liverwurst on either Townhouse or Ritz crackers, but those are the only ways I’ll eat it.  It’s a treat I only get maybe once every 2 or 3 years, and only Oscar Mayer will do.  image

Several years ago, when we still had our furry canine girl, I decided to indulge in my special treat.  She heard me in the kitchen making a sandwich, so she trotted her little 7 lb self in to see if she could score any bits.  She knew the rule!  We all did: if it fell on the floor, or was below a people-knee, it was hers.  I had the most crumb free floors! 

Anyway, she and I chatted while I made my sandwich.  She sat, waiting patiently but expectantly.  I’d often toss her a little piece of something whenever I was fixing food.  As I spread the liverwurst on my bread, a piece fell off the knife onto the floor.


She was on that bit in nothing flat! 

Then she sniffed.

And backed away.

She gave me the most quizzical dog face I’d ever seen, and if she could speak in human words, I know she’d have given me a “WTF?” 

“It’s just liverwurst!  G’head!  Eat it!  It’s yours.” 

Nothing doing.  She backed away another step.

“What’s the matter?  It’s liverwurst!  Dogs love liver!”

At that, she got up and trotted out of the kitchen in a huff.  Clearly I had offended her, not once, but twice.  Not only had I offered her liverwurst, which she obviously considered not-good-enough, but I’d called her the d-word.

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8 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. Onyx

    hehehe dogs are so funny.

    I’ve never hard liverwurst, but it’s never sounded too appealing.

    I think it’s an acquired taste sort of thing. Which makes my liking it even more weird, because I’ve always been such a finicky eater.


    • Onyx

      Bah, clicked the button too soon…

      What’s this liverwurst supposed to be like? I’ve heard mixed opinions on it.

      Think of it as poor man’s paté, 🙂


  2. Ha! How dare you!

    I know, right? 🙂

    Is liverwurst like liver cheese? I like liver cheese every so often, but if I’m not in the mood it’s disgusting.

    Hmm. Don’t know about that, I’ve never heard of liver cheese, but it’s probably pretty similar.

    “Whensday” is a good title and feature.

    Thanks! 🙂


  3. OH, that made me LOL, baby. I remember that. How awesome that story is. One of my favorites.

    I’m glad you liked it! She was so funny sometimes! 😀


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  5. Now, that was an intelligent dog! She knew it was a tube of cat food when she saw it!


    Ha! Well, she really was an extremely intelligent dog, but if given the chance, she’d eat the cat food too. 🙂 Anything to annoy those kittehs!


  6. For all you non-Germans out there, its actual name is braunschweiger, and while sort of an acquired taste, is really exquisite, once you develop the taste. Oscar Mayer is probably the most pasty, bland form, but it will do. Real deli braunschweiger is generally richer and if you ever have some dough to burn, liver pate is even richer.

    I like it on Ritz crackers too, but it is really best when spread on a slice of (seeded) rye bread with thin slices of onion on top and a kosher pickle and some Jays potato chips on the side.

    I once was going to make that very thing before retiring and when I told my then girlfriend that, she said that if I did, I’d better not expect to crawl into bed with her (the onion, you know.)

    I’m only half German, so I never got the taste for rye breads or pickles. 🙂 In fact, I hate anything sour. My grandfather used to tease me when I was little that I had the “kraut” part down, but not the “sauer.” 😉


  7. Ick! I side with the dog.

    LOL C’mon! It’s delicious if you put it on white bread, with lots of mayo and lettuce! 😀


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