This Week’s Thoughts


Did you see that moon the other night? I think it was Tuesday. It was all hazy here, and the moon was sitting pretty low on the horizon to the east.  I tried to grab a picture of it with my phone.   I need a telescope.  Okay, maybe need is too strong a word.  I want a telescope.


After nearly a week of playing around with my Tablet, I can definitively say I love it.  I love it!  I’ve been reading up a storm on it, and downloading apps for it, just like a phone.  One thing I discovered which I thought was cool – I was going to get a stylus for it but I found I just need a fingernail.  No smeary fingerprints!  Built-in styluses!  Woo!  Open-mouthed smile


No longer the “Terminator,” or the “Governator,” now … the “Fornicator.”  *facepalm*  Oy vey Maria, what a mess!


The PlayStation Network is down again?  What in the world are they doing over at Sony?


What’s this about Android phones?  Privacy concerns?  Hacking?  Yikes!  No one is safe anywhere!  No banking on the phone!  Whatever else you do with your phone, don’t do banking!  However, has an app where you don’t connect to a bank but you can still keep track of your money, if you need to check that info while you’re out and about.  It’s pretty cool. 


My husband picked himself up some shoes on the way home from work.  He handed me his wallet when he got home and said, “Go shopping!  You deserve some new shoes too!”

And I realized that I probably haven’t been inside a regular non-discount shoe store other than Payless since 1980-something.  I’m a little overwhelmed.  And unnerved that I’m a little overwhelmed.  And not the least bit interested in going to the mall.  *shudder*  Guess I’m going to Shoebuy!  Or maybe Zappos.  What I really want is something like a “flatform.”  At real-people prices.  And free shipping.  Smile  No, I’m not picky at all!  Why do you ask? 


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3 thoughts on “This Week’s Thoughts

  1. Shooooooes!

    Shoooooooes! 😀


  2. I guess no luck finding anything so far? No worries, love. You will. Or maybe we’ll just have to have some custom-made ones just for your tootsies.

    Not yet. 🙂 I realized I wanted to investigate a little more. 🙂 See if I could find some deals.


  3. We’ve had nothing but rain and snow for weeks. No moon, no sun. 🙂

    The Fornicator. Holy smokes, that’s funny.

    I want some different styles of Crocs for my new job, but I need to make some dough first.

    I just saw a graphic that showed we’ve had the least sunniest spring in over a decade or something like that. Something sucky. had a lot of Crocs on sale. 🙂


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