Put a lid on it!


It almost looks fake, doesn’t it?  That’s the picture I took just before the storms rolled in here, around 8 on Sunday night.  It stretched as far as the eye could see to the north and south of me.  One of the weird thing was – and you can sort of tell in the picture – the air was very still.  The flag wasn’t moving at all.  Yet the mass was pushing north quite fast.  Blue sky and storm clouds.  It looked like someone was actually putting a lid on this place!

Which is sorta true – we here in Chicagoland haven’t made our usual 60% quota of sunshine in May for over a decade.  Think about that.  Barely half of our daylight hours in May are sunny around here.  No wonder so many people are cranky all the time!

Heartfelt prayers to the people of Minneapolis, MN and Joplin, MO.  The Red Cross estimates that 75% of Joplin is gone.  Gone!  What terrible devastation! 

I did have some awesomely fun news though.  I found out a childhood friend of mine is in the Midwest for a few days, and may actually be able to come over for a visit!  I haven’t seen him in like 8 years, and it was at least 10 before that.  We were nearly steps – or so we thought when we were kids.  Turned out my father’s intentions toward his mother were less than honorable, so we didn’t get to actually become brother and sister on paper.  In our hearts though, a different story.  Although, I don’t think we’d be able to get away with jumping on the bed to the tune of “Kung Fu Fighting” anymore and pretending to do karate kicks.  Winking smile  Still, it should be a great day.  Open-mouthed smile

And how was your weekend?

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