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Our evenings and weekends are consumed with writing, it seems.  This is what deadlines do to people.  They hover, always reminding you of their presence.  The funny thing is, it’s mostly editing that my husband and I are working on.  We have to take a previous book he did and change its format, so there’s a lot of cutting and trying to say the same thing with fewer words.  One of the rules in The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, is #17, “Omit needless words.”  No easy feat for people who love words, I’ll tell you that!  Hard to believe there even is such a thing as a needless word.  Winking smile 

You would think a little snipping and cutting would be easy, but it’s not.  Which words to snip and cut?  And the ones left over, how to condense?  How do we turn 127 words into 55 and still say the same thing?  Well, okay, Darc does that part.  I just do the cutting.  I’m going to make a t-shirt for myself – “Runs with <del>”.  Smile

And how was your Memorial Day Weekend?

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7 thoughts on “Word Nerds

  1. And I would dearly love to have some T-shirts printed up which read: “Rule 17: Learn it, live it … LOVE IT.”

    I love it! I think of it as the “sit down and shut up” rule. 🙂


  2. No, wait! I want them to read “SHUT UP! …per Rule 17.”

    That would certainly omit a LOT of needless words, LOL!


  3. I think I know something about words.

    All writers should! Sadly, not all do. I’ve read some real doozies in my day.

    And my Memorial weekend was spent at the roller rink for a two-day speed skate competition. A year ago I never thought I’d say such a thing.

    They grow up so fast – usually in ways we don’t really foresee, lol. 🙂 I hope he won something!

    I love that little Strunk book.

    Isn’t it great? 🙂


  4. I always ran into trouble when I tried to write poetry, because I always ended up ended up paring my poems down to nothing. Every word looked like an extra one to me, maybe because the core of the poem was something non-verbal. Anyway, I don’t write peotry anymore.

    Oooh, a non-verbal core! I love that description! I used to write poetry when I was younger, and I even started up a poetry blog, but I haven’t had the time to dedicate to it like I’d hoped. Plus, I basically suck at it, lol. 🙂 I’m sure yours were good. Paring down is a great talent, you know!


  5. Onyx

    Cute t-shirt idea 🙂 I love funny t-shirts, but refuse to buy/wear them myself. I enjoy the thought on others.

    You know, I think I’m kind of that way too. You got me thinking – I can’t even recall the last time I wore a “worded” t-shirt! LOL Maybe I’ll just print up a little sign. 🙂

    Sounds busy, and like a lot of tedious work, good luck 🙂

    It is, but it has it’s fun spots too. I think, anyway!


    • Onyx

      I’ve never purchased a worded shirt. Through work, I have a ton of gamer t-shirts, but Matt wears them, and I don’t even like t-shirts with logos/brands labeled on them. Something about it just bothers me and I can’t explain it.

      It’s not just you. I’ve known others like that too. 🙂

      Mind you, in college, my friend, who at the time had recently started telling people she is gay, and I were walking down the hallway, and I caught her checking out one of the girls from cosmotology as we passed her by, and I said “I’d do her.” And she thought it was hilarious, and it became something we said all the time whenever we saw a pretty woman. So we planned on getting t-shirts made that said “I’d do her.” on them, then head to the city to go clubbing in them.

      And that is the closest I have ever come to wearing a worded t-shirt. True story.

      LOL I’ve said that before too. 🙂 I think it’s easier for women to say, “Oh she’s beautiful!” about another woman without it being a sexual thing, than it is for men to note that other men are handsome without people thinking it’s sexual somehow.


  6. It reminds me of that scene in Amadeus where the emperor complains that the opera is too long. “There are simply too many notes, that’s all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.”

    Hahaha! I remember that scene!
    “And which notes would you prefer me to cut, hmm?” LOL 🙂


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