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A Blimp!


You can barely see it in this picture, but the kids were thrilled to see a blimp go by.     🙂

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Silly Thoughts

The windows are open and I can smell the rain in the air.  I don’t see rain on the little weather map thing I have, but perhaps tomorrow sometime.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I can chop 6 inches off my hair and no one notices.

I wish my town would have fireworks again.  I miss them.

So far this summer, the weather has been pretty nice.  I can’t recall the last time it was this nice.  Watch, it’ll be blazing hot this weekend now that I’ve said this.

Typing sure is easier with short nails!  But I hate having my nails short.

I can’t believe this is the last day of June!  The year is half over!  When did that happen?

My son has already decided on his Halloween costume.  Mario, of course.  Spidey is officially passé at our place. 

I’m feeling crafty lately.  I wish I knew what to make. 

What are some of your thoughts?

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Last day to get my husband’s books on sale!  Hurry! 

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funny pictures of cats with captions

In the early moments of when Darc and I were dating, we spent a lot of time IMing each other, trying to get to know one another.  We tried not to waste too much time on that “putting your best foot forward” thing and instead wanted to get down to the bare knuckles of each other’s self.  Neither of us wanted to spend unnecessary time on what we thought was “fluffy” stuff, like what’s your favorite color.  Who cares?  Much more important is, “Have you ever done time?” 

As some of you know, Darc has an off-beat and irrepressible sense of humor.  I swear, I’ve laughed more in the years I’ve known him than I did in the whole life I had before I met him.  So when we were getting to know each other and I asked him if he had anything hidden in his past I should know about, he popped off with,

“I killed someone once […]



Then there’s my other, darker side.”

Since we were online, it took me a full beat to realize he was joking.  And then I laughed and laughed until I had tears.  Darker side!  After homicide!  Ohmygosh, that’s rich! 

When I was a very little girl, I had a “dream guy” list, and #1 on it was, “He makes me laugh.”  Now I have that, in spades.   😆

What Darc never knew was that he really had me at .jpg.  The laughter was bonus points.  Open-mouthed smile

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funny pictures - mah inside voice!It’s been a few years since I did this post –


It strikes me as a little funny that not a whole lot has changed since I wrote it.  I think the volume control knob that came with my kids arrived broken.  I thought, when the MiniNess got a little older, that she’d be the quiet little princess.  But no.  Anything the KnytLite does, she has to try to do better.  She’s a competitive sort, that girl!  She loves making sound effects too.  That one threw me for a loop!  A girl?  Making shooting noises and car noises?  Just goes to show that you can never, ever, peg your kids.  Smile

It’s still fairly loud here.  But now, they’ve learned to roll their eyes behind my back while saying, “We know, we know!  ‘Be quiet!’”

I am oft reminded of Bill Cosby’s routine – “Parents aren’t interested in justice – they want QUIET!” 

From the kid’s point of view, I guess it’s, “What’s life without some sound effects?” 

Still, Darc and I had to laugh the other day when our son complained of the birds in the tree by our place being too loud.  “That’s a bit pot and kettle, eh, son?”

At this point, I’d probably be totally freaked out if things were quiet around here.

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My husband’s books are on sale for the month of June!  Grab your copy!

Get your copy of my husband’s books!

Buy J Dane Tyler’s Fiction now!

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Bad book!

funny dog pictures - Bad book! Bad! Bad! Bad!Actually, it’s turning out to be a pretty good book.  Smile  Darc’s, that is. 

As for the picture here, I think there might be sales potential in one called, “Dog Owner Training for Dummies.” 

Just sayin’.  Winking smile

We’re closing in on the deadline, and we’ve got our groove thing on.  He writes, I clean up the text and upload it to the publisher.  When I say clean up the text, that’s how I describe making sure the documents are formatted according to the publisher guidelines, that sort of thing.  They want everything a certain way for their editing team and printer.  They want it in a certain font, double spaced, stuff your high school English comp teacher would be proud of.  Winking smile  I figure the more of that kind of “legwork” I can do for Darc, the more he can focus on doing the actual writing.  You should have seen him this weekend!  His fingers were flying over the keyboard!  I love the clickety sound it makes.  Smile 

I am so looking forward to this book finally being finished.  Tech-y types of manuals are cool and all, but I miss the fiction. 

So that was a big portion of my weekend, helping my husband on this book project.  Plus, a decent movie called The Vanishing or something like that.  It was pretty good. 

And how was your weekend? 

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Fatal damage

It’s okay, that life kinda sucked anyway, didn’t it, kitteh?  Smile


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An I will

Kitteh and I agree, it’s important to leave your mark on a guy.  Winking smile


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