Cough Cough

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My boy isn’t feeling well.  He’s got a chest cold with a cough.  It hurts me when my kids are sick.  Not that they’re sick all that often – it’s pretty rare – but when they are, I feel guilty, that I wasn’t able to protect them somehow.  Like kids never get sick. 

See, I know these things in my head, but my heart sometimes has a different language. 

Some cough syrup, rest, food, water, and sleep should put him back up to speed in a few days.  In the meantime, I’ll have a cranky boy on my hands, because he absolutely loathes being sick.  If it were possible to yell a cough out of existence, his would be gone by now.

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7 thoughts on “Cough Cough

  1. Kristy

    Awwww, i’m in the same boat because little miss has double ear infections. I hope your guy gets better here soon!

    Double ear infections?! Oh no! Poor little thing, and poor mommy too! Hugs for both of you and I hope she gets well soon. 🙂



  2. Will you be my mommy? 😉 Hope he is all better soon!

    LOL Sure! But you might have to fight for some PlayStation time! 😉

    Thanks hon. 🙂


  3. I’ll be home soon and we can nurture the snot right out of him, okay? 🙂

    ROFLMAO! Okay! :* 😀


  4. Holly

    Ah, I’m sorry. 😦 I hate that too. Hate it when a kiddo is sick.

    You’re a great mommy, though….don’t succumb to the guilt! 🙂

    God bless you and yours, sweetheart!

    Aww, thank you Holly! What a sweetie you are. 🙂 God bless you too! *hugs*


  5. Poor lil fella! I hope he feels much better soon.

    Thanks Spark! I’m hopeful he’ll be better tomorrow or the next day, but now it seems that the little princess has succumbed to it as well.


  6. Onyx

    Aww, poor guy 😦 Matt’s sick again, so I’m hoping he doesn’t pass it on to Cain again, not that he was super sick the last time, but still wasn’t a highlight.

    Oh no! No, sick is never a highlight, that’s for sure! Especially when it’s the baby. 😦 On the “silver lining” side though, it’ll probably help him develop immunities to the germ so he won’t get it again when he’s older. I know it’s not much, but you reach for whatever bright side you can, right. 🙂


    • Onyx

      With Cain it’s a “not sure what to expect” feeling. With Matt it’s a “oh crap, he’s sick again”, it happens often, and when it does, he’s “man-sick”, which is so frustrating.

      I get the man-sick thing. With babies it seems a bit harder because they can’t tell you exactly where they hurt.


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