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Annoyed yet?

imageIt never fails.  Whenever one kid is sick, the cranky factor amongst siblings rises accordingly. 

He hates being annoyed.  He especially hates being annoyed when he’s sick.  I can’t blame him for that one.  Being sick annoys him.  Coughing and sneezing annoy him.  My asking him if he’s hungry annoys him.  His little sister annoys him.  Everything she says and does is grounds for annoyance. 

Since any and everything she does is annoying, she feels free to be as annoying as possible.  Might as well be strung up for a lion as a lamb, right? 

Mom gets annoyed at all the annoying going on.  “Will you guys knock it off?  Quit annoying each other!  It annoys ME when you annoy each other!”

Hopefully the princess won’t get this bug too.  She told me her throat hurt when she swallowed but she’s prone to make stuff up like that.  He’s getting attention for being sick, she wants some too.  Oh the mind of 5-year-olds!  She’s pretty hardy though so I’m fairly confident that if she hasn’t gotten it by now, she probably won’t.  I hope!

So … how’s your day going?  Smile

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