Bad book!

funny dog pictures - Bad book! Bad! Bad! Bad!Actually, it’s turning out to be a pretty good book.  Smile  Darc’s, that is. 

As for the picture here, I think there might be sales potential in one called, “Dog Owner Training for Dummies.” 

Just sayin’.  Winking smile

We’re closing in on the deadline, and we’ve got our groove thing on.  He writes, I clean up the text and upload it to the publisher.  When I say clean up the text, that’s how I describe making sure the documents are formatted according to the publisher guidelines, that sort of thing.  They want everything a certain way for their editing team and printer.  They want it in a certain font, double spaced, stuff your high school English comp teacher would be proud of.  Winking smile  I figure the more of that kind of “legwork” I can do for Darc, the more he can focus on doing the actual writing.  You should have seen him this weekend!  His fingers were flying over the keyboard!  I love the clickety sound it makes.  Smile 

I am so looking forward to this book finally being finished.  Tech-y types of manuals are cool and all, but I miss the fiction. 

So that was a big portion of my weekend, helping my husband on this book project.  Plus, a decent movie called The Vanishing or something like that.  It was pretty good. 

And how was your weekend? 

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