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In the early moments of when Darc and I were dating, we spent a lot of time IMing each other, trying to get to know one another.  We tried not to waste too much time on that “putting your best foot forward” thing and instead wanted to get down to the bare knuckles of each other’s self.  Neither of us wanted to spend unnecessary time on what we thought was “fluffy” stuff, like what’s your favorite color.  Who cares?  Much more important is, “Have you ever done time?” 

As some of you know, Darc has an off-beat and irrepressible sense of humor.  I swear, I’ve laughed more in the years I’ve known him than I did in the whole life I had before I met him.  So when we were getting to know each other and I asked him if he had anything hidden in his past I should know about, he popped off with,

“I killed someone once […]



Then there’s my other, darker side.”

Since we were online, it took me a full beat to realize he was joking.  And then I laughed and laughed until I had tears.  Darker side!  After homicide!  Ohmygosh, that’s rich! 

When I was a very little girl, I had a “dream guy” list, and #1 on it was, “He makes me laugh.”  Now I have that, in spades.   😆

What Darc never knew was that he really had me at .jpg.  The laughter was bonus points.  Open-mouthed smile

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5 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. Sure he makes you laugh, but he’s made you an accomplice to his crimes. How many drifters have you helped him bury? I know, I know. One for every year you’ve been married. I can’t help but think there’s something wrong by celebrating your anniversary by picking up a hitchhiker, hacking him to bits and then burying him in a shallow grave in Cicero. For cryin’ out loud, you’re making Bonnie and Clyde look tame. You two make me sick.

    That’s not how we celebrate our anniversary – it’s too cold to bury people then. That’s what we do for our half-anniversary. But I wouldn’t set foot in Cicero! We bury them all in Oak Park. That’s a much nicer area.

    Heyheyhey – bring a barf bag! I’m not cleaning that up!


  2. I think my actual statement said, “Well, there’s this side of me which wants more than anything else to see my foes crushed, mangled, torn asunder and left blue and lifeless by the side of the road. Then there’s my other, darker side…”

    It’s actually from a Nike commercial in the 80s. But I’m glad you liked it, and like it still. 🙂

    It’s one of my special memories, Love. 🙂


  3. what? No what’s your sign (horoscope) lines? Obviously opposites attract 🙂 By the way, when Richard and I first got together, luckily it was at work. He’s not the stay-on-the-phone-for-hours kinda guy. Now we text each other even though only a wall separates our work areas.

    The fun part was realizing we weren’t so opposite after all, but more like other halves of the same whole. 😀

    Darc and I used to do that too – IM each other when our computers are close enough we could reach out and hold hands, lol.


  4. How did I skip over this post?! Awww you two are too frikkin’ adorable! I love hearing “when we first met” stories! And honestly, an “all cards on the table” approach to dating makes so much more sense.

    We had each already been through some personal fires so wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty, and also not waste time, since we met so late in life. 🙂

    Albeit I was only 20 when I met Matt, my motto for dating at the time was “I’m too young and too old to waste my time!” I dated a guy in high school for two years, and we should have called it off long before we did, then in college spent six months “dating” a guy who wasn’t even in the same book as me, let alone on the same page, we had none of the same morals, or ideals… he made me realize that when you’re dating, you really need to be with someone who wants similar things out of life as you, and any sign of red flags within the first few meetings are there for a reason.

    When I was a teen, my sweetheart’s mother had a plaque on the wall that read, “Every date is a potential mate!” I never forgot those wise words, even though I didn’t follow them as closely as I should have, to my own folly.


  5. That’s so cute. No, really, it is.

    Thanks! I wish I could say we tried! LOL 🙂


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