funny pictures - Um...we needz tu hab a tawk bowt yur howsekeepin habits.

*hangs head in shame*  I know kitteh, I know.  I just hate to vacuum.  But on the upside, I mopped today!  That has to count for something, right?

I have to say, as much as I love the Swiffer duster thingy, I hate the Swiffer mop.  It leaves my floor all slippery and I have fallen once, and almost fallen several times after using the Swiffer mop.  I want to pitch the doggone thing but I have almost a full box of pads … . 

Know what?  Screw the guilt!  The Swiffer mop is going to the dumpster.  Hot water and Lysol or Mr. Clean is tons better anyway.

Note to self: need new mop.

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4 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Funny story – we just bought a mop tonight!

    We have a Swiffer, and when I initially purchased it for my dinky college apartment like six years ago, it was great, but to be honest, I think my total floor space that I could use it on was MAYBE 150 square feet. Since I have moved into bigger apartments over the years, I’ve noticed it’s quite useless when you have any significant amount of space to clean, and need to use multiple wipes to finish the job, which I wasn’t fond of.

    And Matt will be doing the floors this weekend 🙂 I can’t wait, I love freshly washed floors.

    That’s why I got it too, one place we lived in had just a tiny bit of floor, the rest was carpet. But I never really have liked the way it worked, and now it seems to leave my floors really slippery too, which is how I fell last fall. Uh, autumn. No pun intended there! LOL Friend of mine thinks it’s something they put in the cleaner to make floors shiny. I’ve found I like the hot water and cleaner better than their cold cleaning solution., too


  2. take a broomstick and stuff it into kitty’s bum and there you have a new mop

    Well, that actually leaves cat hair all over the place, which sort of defeats the purpose.


  3. You might not have to throw it away, depending on what kind it is. Is it the kind with the onboard tank or are the pads wet? I have one where you just tuck the wet pad into the mop, and I just use an old wash rag instead and my own cleaner. Easier for the tiny areas I have to mop than getting a bucket of soapy water. Of course, lately I just get on my hands and knees because it’s faster.

    Nope, I got the one with the onboard tank, the whole enchilada. I thought it would be more convenient. *sigh* The pads have this sort of velcro so you can’t really use them on the other Swiffer, which I also have – it’s great on walls too. 🙂


  4. I just had a little talk with my son today about how I can’t keep up with the inside & the outside of the house, plus all the laundry and dishes while I’m working 6 days a week. Someone…needs to pitch in.

    If he contributes to the mess, he needs to clean up the mess he made. He’s a big boy now, shouldn’t need to be picked up after by his mom, right? 🙂


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