While Darc and I were surfing the web over the weekend, I heard music.  Not just any music, but perhaps some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in a long time.  We ended up buying the song.  Check it out!  [YouTube – ‪ashram – il mostro – shining silver skies‬‏]  Just close your eyes and listen.  Stunning, isn’t it?  Smile 


I think we were pretty much at loose ends this weekend.  It was the first time in a long time that we didn’t have the commitment of the book to write over our heads.  I think we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves.  We watched movies and just vegged out.  It was so nice.  Smile  It was the first truly free weekend Darc’s had in months.


It hit me the other day that since we don’t have a cable hook-up anymore, I can actually move the furniture around in my living room.  We had to oblige that wire before, but now we don’t, so I can put the couch against the opposite wall if I want.  Freedom!  I just might do that, because that’s how I wanted it when we moved in, before we realized that the cable outlet called the shots.  Now I’M the boss.  Open-mouthed smile 


So that was my lovely uneventful weekend.  How about you?

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5 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Sweet song . . . it has a yearning quality that could be construed as sad. Glad you two got a weekend without the book hanging over Darc’s head. Choices are great, aren’t they?
    We drifted and worked at the homefront, and scared our dogs when we loudly cheered and did man-grunts when the USA women soccer team beat Brazil in overtime. I also did my new recipe and had some friends over as guinea pigs. All in all a nice couple of days.

    It did have a yearning quality to it. 🙂 I found myself started to weep as I listened, it was so moving!

    Choices are often, but not always, awesome. For instance, having to choose between a rock and a hard place, not great. Chocolate or mint, great! 😉

    Go Team USA! Looking forward to the new recipe!


    • Kickball — or soccer if you must — is not a sport. It is a game invented by French women so that they can have something to watch while their husbands cook dinner for them.

      French husbands cook dinner? Well no wonder soccer will never go over big in the USA! American husbands don’t cook dinner so wives can’t watch it, even if they wanted to! LOL 😉


      • My dad was the cook in my family while I was growing up. I thought my mom invented homework so that she had to help me and not have to cook or do dishes. Maybe women’s soccer wasn’t invented yet.


  2. It’s nice to have a weekend free to just relax after weeks of feeling like you could barely find time for anything else. Matt’s boss has been on vacation, and a couple guys he works with are tools, so he’s been working his bottom off, going in on all of his days off, and staying late on his normal days… can’t wait for the boss man to come back.

    Well that sucks! I hope he comes back soon too!

    It’s nice to just veg.

    Yay for being free of cable! It’s so nice. Every time we are somewhere where people have cable, and I see how little is on it, I wonder why we ever used to bother with it. $60 a month? $8 per month? Hmmmm! I don’t understand people who aren’t a fan of Netflix. It’s so worth the fee for how much we watch it, it more than pays for itself, and when we had cable, we only really watched hockey as it was, and couldn’t see the games we wanted anyway without paying for the special packages!

    Oh the special packages! We pay as much for all of Netflix as we paid for the one package we had. And I do miss, and will continue to miss, football. The only thing that bugs me about Netflix is the frequent “retrieving.” We get that alot. Otherwise, it’s nice not dealing with cable or being literally chained to the wall! LOL


    • Hmmm… we don’t have frequent retrieving, only at the beginning, and every once in awhile, there will be an issue with an episode or something, but not too often.

      It must be our connection then. We’re not on cable Internet so that must be why.


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