imageSo.  We have new neighbors.  They moved in upstairs, right over us, Friday.  They have a dog.  When we moved in we were told this was a “no-pet” building.  But the complex has changed hands a few times and apparently the pet rules changed too, only we weren’t updated on the new policy.  Am I wrong in thinking we should have been updated?  What if we have allergies?  Shouldn’t we know that perhaps other people in our building might now have pets?  Food for thought.

So.  This dog.  I haven’t seen it.  I’ve only heard it.  And heard it.  And heard it.  At 5:30 in the morning.  For hours.  Barking.  And howling.  Yes, howling.  It caused an old Aerosmith song to play in my mind, one with the line, “Hound dog bay at the moon.” 

Seems when the dog is alone it goes insane because I didn’t hear anyone yell at it (the first time) and it started just after the new tenant left.  At first I thought perhaps the dog was just having moving day stress.  You know, first night in a new place, that sort of thing.  Pets get stressed too by moving.  My cats used to freak out, find a bed to hide under and stay there starving for a day or 2 until they got used to the new place.  So I was trying to cut the dog a little slack. 

That was Saturday morning.

The same thing happened again Sunday morning. 


I’m so tempted to record the dog with my cell phone and take it over to the office to complain, but really, what would that accomplish except to give us the reputation as complainers?  It’s not the dog I object to, it’s the incessant howling and barking.  If the dog had manners it would be fine.  But a dog having manners is really an owner issue, not a dog issue.  If you know what I mean and I think you do. 

Pretty much kills the “take the new folks some cookies” urge.


Hound dog bay at the moon



This weird thing happened to me over the weekend too.  We ran out to do some errands, it was a hot night, I had my arm resting on the window sill of the car, as usual.  No A/C in the car so naturally we ride with the windows open in the summer.  I felt this little tickle under my arm, in my armpit actually, but I brushed it away.  When you have long hair you kind of get used to that tickly feeling on your arms.  A few minutes later I felt this little sting.  On the side of my breast.  What the …?  I tried, you know, as discreetly as possible in the car with my seat belt on, to reach inside my bra and see what the heck caused that poke.  I felt something.  Crawling.  Oh my gosh!  It was all I could do not to start screaming!  I flicked it away, or thought I did anyway.  Darc was driving and asking, “Are you okay, did you get it, should I pull over,” kinds of questions.  No, no, I think I got it, let’s just get home so I can check and see. 

We got home and first thing I do is rip off my shirt.  I mean honestly, wouldn’t you?  I’m trying to strip out of my shirt as fast as possible, praying there’s nothing crawling on me, on my breasts!  EWWWW!  Then I saw it, a little beetle looking thing, slightly longer and thinner than a lady bug.  I was gearing up for a nice scream and “get it off me!” dance, when Darc picked it off me and killed it. 

Thankfully, no sting or bite marks.  Still.  EWWW!  Bugs in the bra is just as bad as ants in the pants. 

And how was your weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Disturbia

  1. See, there’s still something out there willing to touch your saggy old-lady breasts.

    Oh, you’re just jealous that no one wants to touch your fat-man-boobs.


  2. Sorry to hear the new neighbors are so junky 😦 Thinking of you guys

    Thanks sweetie. So far, the dog only howls when the neighbors are gone. 🙄 (Yep, she works full time)

    I HATE when you can feel something in your bra and you can’t quite get to it to get it out, and it NEVER happens when you can freely rummage around or just take the bra off.

    Isn’t that nasty? Bad enough I hate bugs anyway, this kind of stuff doesn’t help! LOL


  3. Sorry about the dog. Nobody likes a howler.

    I would have ripped my shirt, bra and maybe some skin off if something was creeping around in there. I don’t care who see when something like that happens.

    Nope, the howling – wait, was that a movie? – is so annoying, more so than the constant barking sometimes.

    I was tempted! But I was pretty sure I’d gotten it until we got home and Darc found it.


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