Remember when I told you my friend brought over one of her sewing machines and tons of fabric?  That was way back just before Christmas.  I did sort through all the fabric not long after that, and put it in new, smaller bins (8 of ‘em!) so I could store it a bit better.  But I haven’t sewn anything.  Not out of a lack of desire but mostly due to intimidation.

I haven’t sewn on a machine since I had my own, back when my son was a baby and I made all the crib bedding for him.  But I don’t have that machine anymore and I haven’t sewn by machine since.  (I made all my daughters blankets by hand.)  And I recognized one thing about me: I really hate trying to do stuff without the how-to manual. 

I’ve always been that way – I have to read the instruction manual first.  If it doesn’t have a manual, I probably won’t try it.  Men and babies being the exception.  I already had the manual for thoseWinking smile  I have no problem taking stuff apart to see what’s wrong, and I can put it back together just fine, but without the manual, even a pictorial manual printed in another language, I’m lost. 

And my friend had lost the one that came with the machine she brought me.  So it’s been sitting there collecting dust – well, I do dust it but you know what I mean – for all these months now.  Due to the lack of a manual.  Because I have no idea how this machine works or how to thread it or anything – it’s several years newer than the one I used to have.  But, success!  I finally found a place online that has the manual!  Not even the manufacturer had it anymore but I found a place that did, and it arrived today.  Woo!  I’ve been pressing and cutting fabric for a few days now, getting ready to put some simple quilts together for the kids. 

If all goes well, you just might be getting something quilty for Christmas!  Winking smile

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5 thoughts on “Manuals

  1. Hey, did Betsy Ross have a how-to manual when she made the Stars and Stripes? I don’t think so!

    She also didn’t use a machine! Did you catch the part where I sewed all my daughters blankets by hand? I can do that part easy, it’s the machine that’s intimidating.


  2. Thank goodness for the internet! I don’t know how we used to live without it.

    I have an aunt who quilts. I still have the quilt she made for me whan I was a child.

    No doubt! I have learned so much from the Internet! It’s so nice to have all that information at your fingertips. 🙂

    That’s so neat that you still have the quilt your aunt made. 🙂


  3. When I was a kid, sewing machines were staple. My mom sewed my school uniforms and all my dresses. I remember sewing from McCall and, in moments of adventure, Vogue! We had a Singer, and my mom gave me her Viking when she upgraded an old Singer.

    I used my sewing machine a few times over 30 years. Once when Marco was a baby and I wanted to do somethng hippie -like. He never used it. And later when I had a community garden and I sewed little linen bags to over the tomatoes. When we moved, I gav the Viking away because it seemed like a lot of baggage. I mend by hand anyway.

    This is a long way of saying: “I ADMIRE YOU!”

    Aw Berna, you make me blush! You’re so sweet, thank you. 🙂

    I was never proficient on a machine and did a lot of simple hand sewing, mending and such, so this is kind of a new venture for me, for all it’s simplicity.


  4. That’s great you found a manual. I should try to find a manual for mine. I have the same problem. I am afraid of the damn thing. I have used a sewing machine before in high school, but that was at the lady who live down the road’s house, who taught me the fundamentals. This machine, my mother gave to me when I became pregnant and became super ambitious about wanting to make EVERYTHING (I’ve sense given up on making EVERYTHING and am content settling on making some things). However, this machine has no booklet… and I haven’t the faintest clue what to do with it! The lady who taught me the basics, neglected to show me how to set anything up. And every morning, I wake up, and I see this sewing machine sitting there on the desk… taunting me. I think I’m more worried about not being good at it. I love being super domestic, and to not be able to figure out the sewing machine would be… terrible. Simply put.

    I just typed the name and model of my machine along with “manual” into the Bing thing and came up with a couple of results. I think they were SewUSA and sewingstyle. It was only about $20 for me, including shipping. It seemed a bargain considering the machine was free. 🙂


  5. Yay! I need manuals, too. My mom and I have a running battle:

    Mom: I can’t make it work.
    Me: Did you read the manual?
    Mom: I don’t like to read.
    Me: Well have fun trying to figure it out.

    Oh man! That would drive me crazy! LOL I can’t attempt anything new without the manual! You should see me when I attempt to assemble RTA furniture and stuff – I lay everything out on the floor just like it’s pictured in the book. It makes life easier!


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