Packs a Punch


I have her list, I’ve checked it twice.  But as for shopping, it’s just been too hot.  I’m sure we’ll get to the store before her birthday on Sunday though, when our little princess turns the ripe old age of 6.  I’m going to start on her cake tomorrow.  It’s a recipe she saw on my screen while I was browsing a few weeks ago.  “Oh!  I want that cake for my birthday!  Please?”  And of course, how could I say no?  If it turns out well, I’ll post a picture on Monday. 

She made up a new word last night.  After getting in some deep and serious trouble, she said she was sorry she “hostilized” me.  Not a bad 5 y/o effort at all, for “sorry I made you mad.”  Of course, that’s not quite the lesson I wanted her to learn.  She was supposed to be sorry for punching her brother but clearly, she wasn’t sorry for that at all.  At ALL. 

I confess, I was rather proud in a way – she’s got a terrific right punch!  Her boxer great-grandfather would be proud too.  She’s got great form, she just needs to learn when the right time is to use it. 

My little girl. 


At least she apologized.  Eventually.

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2 thoughts on “Packs a Punch

  1. Six… wow. Six again would be a riot.

    Oh please do post a picture of her birthday cake! I’d love to see it! Birthday cakes are so much fun 🙂 What’s on her birthday list?

    Matt and I were discussing childhood birthdays the other day… and to be honest, neither of us remember any of them. I remember seeing pictures of them, but that’s it. It’s odd what you forget sometimes.

    And sometimes it’s a blessing what you forget! 😉

    Hostilized… lol love it! Hostile – it works! Punching her brother… lol I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s funny. My sister in law and I keep talking about how fun and exciting it will be when all three of the kids are old enough to be running around, beating each other up. Some of my favourite memories are of my brother, cousins and I trying to beat the crap out of one another *sigh* good times 🙂

    Ha! Too cute memories!
    It was a good word. She was really angry though and after getting punished, she probably won’t have the good memories. Which was kind of the plan. 😉


  2. Gee, she makes up intelligent words AND she has a mean right? This kid is admirable! I hope that she has a very happy birthday.

    Thank you Spark. She seems like she had a great day. 😀 She loved her cake, picked out her presents, got to pick dinner for all of us and generally be queen for the day. 🙂 With no punching! LOL


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