Tuned in

imageWhoops!  Did I say the new neighbor’s dog only barked when the neighbor was gone?  Silly me!  It barks when someone is at home too.  It takes a few hours, but eventually someone does actually scream “SHUT UP!” at the dog and then the dog yelps like it’s been hit and goes back to barking after a few minutes, so clearly they have the situation under control.


Most of the time I can tune it out.  I’m good at that – just ask my kids!  LOL  I know if I complain to management, there’s little they can do.  The neighbors are obviously okay with their dog barking and howling for hours at a time.  The dog seems healthy and happy when I see the neighbor walking it, so it’s not being mistreated or starved or anything like that, so there’s no indication that a call to Animal Control is necessary.  My options are live with a barking dog, or move. 

Moving is a pain, perhaps even a bigger pain and expense than a barky dog.  Besides, there’s no guarantee that we wouldn’t move TO a worse situation than we’d be moving FROM.  So there’s that. 

Maybe I’ll just tell my kids that now it’s okay to scream like banshees – both during inside AND outside play!  My sinister third option.   😈

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3 thoughts on “Tuned in

  1. employ the funny meatball technique

    Ooh! Tell me more of this intriguing funny meatball technique!


  2. Bob

    I like your 3rd option.

    It does seem to be the most viable at this point. I also thought perhaps I could have the kids do their best dog howl imitations. What do you think?


  3. Why not get one of those ultra-sonic dog whistles and cause him to bark in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping?

    Brilliant! I wish I’d thought of that! This one might be seriously worth investing in. Do they really work?


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