Nope, not the firewood, but the e-reader!  Of course, you knew that.  Smile

I was reading this article today about the Kindle and all the things it can do that Amazon doesn’t really advertise.  You can read it here: Things Amazon Should Tell Us About the Kindle.

The Kindle does have a lot of cool features.  I decided to go with a tablet for a lot of reasons.  I like that it’s backlit.  I love the swipe.  I love that I can do so much more with it than read.  Nothing like reading in bed, and then remembering that I forgot to add something to a grocery order after the computer is off for the night.  With my tablet, all I need to do is click the grocery app and add whatever it is I need, no getting out of bed, waiting to boot up the computer, then the browser and all that.  Just a couple of clicks on my tablet and voila!  Order updated. 

I know, it seems like such a luxury to have a grocery delivery service.  But when you realize that I don’t have a car, a service like that is more necessity than luxury.  Plus, what I pay in delivery fees is less than what I’d pay for gas and insurance and car maintenance, so not that big a luxury after all.  Smile

We got my husband a tablet for Father’s Day.  He doesn’t seem to like his as much.  I am flabbergasted.  I am aghast.  I am appalled.  How can he not love it as much as I do?  Okay, just kidding.  Different strokes and all that.  When he’s ready to read, all he wants is to read, he doesn’t want all the things that come with a tablet.  That’s why he has a computer.  He’s more … compartmentalized, than I am, I guess would be a good way to describe it. 

One of the cool features that a Kindle has, that the Kindle app on a tablet does not, is text-to-speech.  (Those Amazon bigots!)  For someone like my husband, who loves to read but suffers from tired eyes in the evening, being able to hear a book would be such a boon.  A couple of years ago he borrowed a spoken book from the library, and really enjoyed that.  Except for the batteries in my little portable CD player, finding earphones that were comfortable, etc.  If he had a Kindle, all he’d have to do is hit play.  How awesome would that be?

Now, for all the years we’ve been married, my husband has refused me the chance to get him a birthday gift.  I’ve always tried to honor his wishes.  Mostly.  Winking smile  But this year, I think I’m going to put my foot down and get him a Kindle.  His birthday isn’t for a few months yet, so I have time to save up for it.  I think he’ll love it, don’t you? 

But don’t say anything to him about it – it’ll be our secret.  Winking smile

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4 thoughts on “Kindling

  1. Can you imagine: I have a Kindle and the appropriate earphones, and I have never bothered to try the text-to-speech trick! I suppose I have no reason to do so, because if I want to rest my eyes there’s always a couple dozen podcasts I want to listen to on my iPod. iPod for the ears, Kindle for the eyes. I am also compartmentalized. (and rhymey!)

    Hahaha, it’s a good rhymey! 🙂 That’s so cute – iPod for the ears, Kindle for the eyes – what a great way to think of them. 🙂


  2. No birthday gifts. Save it for the kids’ Christmas gifts. And yours. Muuuahahahahaa!!

    Nope! You get some too this time Love! Mwuhahahaha that!


  3. So much for the surprise!


    Ha! I know, right? He reads my blog more than I realize. 🙂


  4. Still pondering about getting an e-Reader. It’s been tempting. Very tempting. Maybe next year sometime, we’re focusing on our Honey Bun’s first Christmas, and birthday, and then the wedding first. 🙂

    Absolutely, his 1st Christmas and birthday come first! And the wedding, of course. 🙂

    Maybe you’ll get a tablet or eReader as a gift! But yes, other things first, I so get that!


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