The year is 1980 and you have an unlimited number of quarters. Move and shoot with your mouse.

No registration required. Click the image below then click player start at the top of the game.

G’head!  Play!  You know you wanna!  Open-mouthed smile


h/t American Glob

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One thought on “Play!

  1. I always preferred Oink to Centipede. Oh, and Bouncing Babies. That game was fun. And Hard Hat Mac.

    Wait, was Hard Hat Mac available for an Atari system? Maybe it was just a PC and Apple game. Probably Tandy too.

    I do like those old simple games.

    I didn’t own an Atari – I wasn’t one of the cool kids. I did play a lot at the arcade though, when I was a teen. 🙂 I also know that if you click the link and go to the Atari site, they have a lot of other games like this you can play.

    I had a Tandy! Not that long ago either – well, in the late 90s I had one. It was pretty awesome and I still miss it.


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