You know how some places are just a test of your disposition?  Walmart is just such a place for me.  In fact, any grocery store is.  I hate grocery shopping with a purple passion.  I hate not being able to find what I want.  I hate the high prices.  I hate the crowds of people pushing me.  And pushing their carts into me.  I hate the screaming kids, and their screaming parents screaming back.  I know my husband feels the same way.  We thought if we went late at night it wouldn’t be so bad.  Wrong!  It wasn’t really any better and to top it off, Walmart turns off the air conditioners at night around here.  So we scratched that idea.  I end up running through the store in my urge to just get the muck out, which irritates my husband because he doesn’t like to have to race to keep up with me.

I console myself with knowing I’m stocking up my cupboards – no longer old Mother Hubbard am I!  Thank the good Lord for that!

I don’t talk to anyone and no one talks to me – except the check-out clerks.  We know all of them, pretty much by name.

But the other day, 2 people decided to approach me.  Me!  Of all people!  I know, it’s hard for me to believe it too!

The first lady nabbed me as I was reaching for the Miracle Whip.  “Can you help me please?”

Now how am I supposed to resist a cry for help?  She showed me a piece of paper with a list on it.  “I’m supposed to find Italian Vinaigrette – do you know where that is?  Is there even such a thing?”

Uhhh … Why yes.  Yes I do and yes there is.  I pointed it out to her, showed her all the brands of Italian dressing, we explained that any dressing that had vinegar as its based was considered a vinaigrette and joked that the if the ones who sent her on the mission didn’t like her choices, she should tell them to do their own shopping.  We all laughed and went our respective ways.


The 2nd time happened as we were loading up the conveyor belt with our hunting and gathering.  We hadn’t been in a while so it was a fairly big haul.  I was trying to grab stuff out of the cart when I heard a little voice say, “Excuse me?”  I looked up and there stood a little girl – well I say little because she was in her teens and petite – those things qualify as “little” to me.  If I’m old enough to be your mother, you are automatically “little.”  She held one of those already-cooked chicken things in her hands and said, “Would you mind if I went ahead of you?  This is all I have … please?”  Oh there was that please again!  I was torn!  She dares to cut in front of me?!  The gall!  She did the puppy dog eyes thing on me and I said, “Sure, go ahead!”  I figured it would give us an extra minute to finish getting our stuff out of the cart and onto the belt, which it did. 

Still.  I know I don’t walk around Walmart with the friendliest face because I’m cranky just having to be there, yet these people approached me.   It must have been a test of some kind.  It had to be.  I’m not sure I passed.  If I did, I’m sure it was with barely a C.  A C for cranky.  *sigh* 

I guess I need to work on that attitude thing. 

So how was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Tested

  1. I went to WalMart too. Did not have the greatest of shopping experiences. But what more can one expect from WalMart. It’s WalMart.
    I was stuck in line behind one person (but took up the physical land mass of two people) who wanted photos developed in an hour but was leaving the country right away. And was going to have somebody else pick up the photos later that day or the following day. I was able to obtain this information because she was being insistent with the clerk working the photo desk. You know what lady, he don’t need your life story. WalMart doesn’t ID people picking up photos. They just take your copy of the bill and get the corresponding photos. ‘kay.

    Nope, Walmart doesn’t ID people picking up photos! I had someone steal some pictures from me in that very manner.

    How weird that we both had Walmart weirdness the very same weekend.


  2. Isn’t that odd. I have never interacted with anyone at my local grocery store except the cashiers. Funny story: in high school a couple of my friends got jobs at a local PharmaPlus. Their uniforms were white shirts with blue and green stripes and bright blue pants. The supermarket in the same strip mall had employees who wore cream shirts with brown stripes and brown pants. Yet every time my friend went to the supermarket on his break to get a sandwich, someone would ask him for help as if he worked there. I guess they figured anyone in a uniform was fair game.

    We’re pretty friendly with the cashiers there, chat them up all the time. 🙂

    That’s funny about your friends. Happened to me a time or 2 before, when I was working in my teens and had to run errands or something after work. People just see the uniform.


  3. Walmart angers me. And even more so because I continually find myself going there. They do, sadly, have the lowest price for certain things, and worst case scenario, if you can’t find what you want somewhere, Walmart will have it. Customer Service is always shit, I despise the fact that they allow their employees to come to work dressed however they like, even though most come to work looking like they just crawled out from a dumpster from a bar night, the shelves are always a mess, there is NEVER anyone anywhere near the department when you need something, they all look at you like you have 12 heads when you ask a question and always insist someone else will know, but no one ever really knows the answer.

    And some people just have friendly, knowledgeable, “I should ask you a question, because you look like you know things” face. And your cranky face probably looks more like “I’m cranky, but I’m too polite to let it stop you from annoying me” face.

    I’ve always been asked, every where I go, where things are, or for help with something. It’s… odd, but I have come to accept it. I believe it helps my karma 🙂

    Yeah, Walmart bugs me. I love the bargain because I’m a skinflint, but I hate the masses of people who just press against me or hover over us while we’re signing the checkout thing and bump their carts into us and the screaming! Oh my gosh, so many people screaming! Sheesh.

    I’m cranky but too polite – Hahahaha! I have never heard that phrase used before! I don’t know if the “too polite” part shows like it should, but something in me that day brought out the requests, lol.


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