Whip it Good

funny pictures - I refuses        to recognise teh existence of teh monday

Well, the next year’s curriculum has been ordered, and my son doesn’t know it yet, but his school day is about to become longer.  Mean ogre teacher-mom is about to start cracking the whip and making his school day a little longer.  No more 90 minute days for him, no sir!  He’s about to go to at least 3 hours! 

Four days a week.

Aren’t I the slave-driver?

And he thinks he has it tough.  HA! 

The princess still has a couple of months to go before she’s ready for the next year’s books, but she’s cruising right along and doing well. 

Me, I just like the ogre part.  Winking smile

And how was your weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Whip it Good

  1. I like the whip-cracking part, myself. And the thigh-high stilettos too.

    Oh, wait… maybe that last part’s only in my head…

    I can get thigh high stilettos.


  2. I went to a toy store and found a line of disease shaped plush toys. Swear to God, they got an HIV doll.

    Were they shaped like cells or something?


  3. Out of curiosity, what curriculum to you guys use?

    I’m using a Christian curriculum that was originally designed for missionary families – you can click here and check them out. They have a couple of options – to use their academy or to be independent (we’re independent) and have a wide range of subjects. I have to say their website isn’t very intuitive, IMO, but it does have a lot of info. They have readiness tests too, to help you know when your child is ready for reading.

    If you have any questions about them, or homeschooling, feel free to drop me an email – I’m more than happy to talk about it! 🙂


  4. Poor guy, lol, send him to public school for a day, he’ll be rushing home for a 3 hour day in no time.

    How does the time frame break down? Like do you increase the duration as you see fit? Is there a “grade/level” system? Such as gr. 1, 2, 3?

    I keep telling him that! He sees the bus but hasn’t made the connection somehow as to how good he’s got it.

    I assign him pages – there are grade levels but it’s not quite as limiting as regular school. For instance, he’s now in 4th grade but for Math, he’s still a little behind in Math so he’s finishing up 3rd grade there. I have a lot of flexibility for his learning abilities. 🙂

    He could go at his own pace, but I know if I gave him that much freedom, his pace would be “stop” so I have to … encourage him. 😉


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