Going out for coffee was the thing to do when I was a young woman.  Whether out on a date, or out with friends, it was, “Where can we go for coffee?”  Coffee was safe – no one had to be 21 to get into a restaurant.  Back then, one of the places to go for coffee was a place called Poppin Fresh Pies.  They had good coffee and amazing pies.  Amazing!  Poppin Fresh got bought out in the early 80s and became Baker’s Square – fortunately they retained the pie recipes, however the prices on their food went up, but that’s another story. 

Poppin Fresh was just the place to go, that pie was too good to pass up when you had the chance.

Poppin Fresh TV commercial.

One late evening, I ended up at a Poppin Fresh with a date.  We sat there drinking coffee, eating pie, and talking – might have been after a movie or something, I can’t even recall that part anymore.

But the screaming waitress has stuck in my memory.


There weren’t a lot of people in the place at that time of night.  A dozen, 20 tops.  It was relatively quiet, people carrying on conversations without shouting, no loud music played from the sound system.  There were a couple of people sitting at the counter by themselves, minding their own business. 

So when one of the waitresses screamed, well it pretty much reverberated throughout the entire place and we all looked up.  She was in the middle of making a fresh pot of coffee when she let loose, and threw the used grounds on the floor.


No one said a word but we ALL took one look at the coffee cups in front of us and – as a group – pushed them away. 

I heard another waitress hiss, “Will you shut up!  You don’t scream things like that out loud!”  My date and I were near the wait station so we heard everything. 

“I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help it!  It was a spider!  In the grounds!”

“Yeah but you don’t advertise that in a restaurant, get it?  Besides, the spider’s dead anyway, it’s not like he can hurt you.  And now look at this mess you’ve made!  You’re cleaning that up, by the way!”

I had to wonder, what else doesn’t get “advertised” in a restaurant?

One of the guys at the counter deadpanned, “I assume you’ll be making a fresh pot?” 

I have no idea how a spider could have made his way into the coffee grounds and proceeded to get himself brewed.  He must have been in the fresh grounds and got scooped up without being noticed before meeting his boily fate.  I never noticed a difference in the taste of my coffee, but then, my friends always teased me that I just had a little coffee with my cream and sugar. 

To this day though, I still check the grounds before I set the coffee to brew.

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4 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. OMG.

    I’ma puke.

    It was kind of gross, thinking about it.


  2. That’s what you get for hanging around coffee and pie shops on your dates. Now if you had just been like normal people and restricted your courting activities to bars, the alcohol would not only have killed any germs from the spider, but would have rendered you both oblivious to the problem.

    Ha! I don’t think I was yet 21 when that happened – just missed that cut-off thing when they changed it from 18 to 21.

    I’m pretty sure the boiling water probably killed any spidey germs. Hey! Maybe that’s how Spiderman really came to be! It wasn’t radiation, or spider DNA, no, it was spiders in the coffee! 😆


  3. Do you check your baking flour for ants? That’s a pretty common bug-in-food. Maggots in ground beef? That happens too. Also, it’s be known to find live puppies in the belly of a turkey.

    Yes, and those little beetle things too. Yes again, and remains of cancer tumors. (I’ve heard things from butchers.)

    The puppies in the turkey, that one I didn’t know. Do you suppose that’s how they get the turkeys so big for Thanksgiving?


  4. Ewww, but not surprising. I worked for Tim Horton’s. Things happen.

    They do. I’ve heard things!


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