Some days

funny pictures-Well HERE'S your problem!

Sometimes the Internet connection just goes all wonky and I don’t know why.  It’s been basically down since last night, but even before that it was acting strangely.  Will this post go up?  Won’t it?  Who knows?  But since I’m into living dangerously, (shut up!) I’ll take that chance!

The kids have decided to have a really bad day in school.  Somehow, in kid logic, deciding to have a bad day will magically make school shorter, or easier, or go away.  I think it’s that alternate universe they sometimes like to visit.  Reality has consistently shown them that such an attitude only gets them yelled at, their school day extended, and the work does not get any easier. 

My kids don’t get cheese with their whine, no sir!  I’ve got the belt half-cocked and ready to fire if needed!  Winking smile

So how’s your day going?

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One thought on “Some days

  1. lol they’re trying to wear you down, see if they can break you. Do you have a large wooden spoon on your wall? Or wooden spoons in general? lol All my friends growing up, their mom’s had jumbo decorative wooden spoons for the sole purpose of threats… Matt’s mom used normal wooden spoons, and he said he always made it worse for himself because she occasionally broke them, and he’d laugh hysterically at her saying “that didn’t hurt”. My parents were fond of the belt. I used to run up the stairs backwards, I was a serious pro at it – no siree, no surprise cracks for me!

    That must be it! I will not be broken, however! LOL No, no wooden wall spoon, but a very handy dandy belt that hangs on a closet door knob in plain view. I can’t even recall the last time I actually used it, but the threat is always there. 😉


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