Tuesday Tootsies

Oh admit it – you’ve missed the tootsies posts too!


crazy shoes - Pomp and Circumstance

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. Funny you should bring this up. I was just researching a new Slovenian schlager singer and the one thing that occurred to me was all Slovenian schlager girls wear tacky, showy shoes. Must be because shoes were so drab and hard to get during Tito’s communist regime.

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a shoe post – all year in fact! I thought I’d move on to other things, but I missed them. Not sure I’ll bring it back as a “regular feature” though. 🙂

    And hey, tacky showy shoes have their place! 😉


  2. WOW!!! there is a lot going on here… I love it!!!

    Hi Helexus, thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂 These shoes are a handful, er, footful, aren’t they? 😀

    If you like shoes, I have more than a year’s worth of weekly posts – you can find them under the category shoes (Topics) over there on my sidebar to the left.

    Hope to see you again!


  3. And back with the demented foot lust.


    I was just looking for some attention from you. I knew this would do it. Bad attention is better than none.


  4. themadjewess

    Hey, Darcs, u should join http://www.polyvore.com Just drag and drop and make fashion and add it to your blog.
    You would love it, and you are computer saavy.

    Thanks for the tip, TMJ, I’ll check it out! 🙂


  5. I rarely ever commented on the Tootsie posts… but I must admit, I’ve missed it, along with the food posts.

    Aw, thanks sweetie! I stopped because it was getting to be kind of hard putting them together with all the links and stuff – big pain in the butt. Plus, everyone seemed to really hate the food ones for the States. I had a “vision” but it didn’t really work out like I hoped. Oh well! Live and learn! 🙂


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