ROFL!  That’s how we all must have looked the first time we tried Pop Rocks as kids!  😆

funny pictures - OMGZ listen!  POP ROCKZ!

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2 thoughts on “listen!

  1. Okay, this caption had me cracking up!

    I truly remember my first ever experience with Pop Rocks! I was maybe 6 – 7? My parents had gone out for the evening to a dance, or something I probably thought was stupid, and we were left with our grandparents. They brought treats with them, and one of the things they brought were Pop Rocks. Nana and Papa neglected to caution us on the Pop Rocks, assuming we had eaten them before, so they gave us our candy, and went to smoke in the living room, and we took off to consume copious amounts of sugar.


    I panicked. I cried. I was so upset. I thought something was seriously wrong. I ran to Nana and Papa all a mess freaking out about this chaos that was happening inside my mouth, I was so scared (mind you, I was an extremely over dramatic, and paranoid child – I thought everything was against me), and finally they calmed me down and explained the magic of Pop Rocks candys. And thus added another bad experience with food/candy/beverages/et cetera in my life.

    Oh my gosh, what a story! You poor thing! I felt bad for laughing but I can so imagine your freak out! When they first came on the scene when I was a kid in the 70s (they were “back again” when you were a kid) we heard so many things. One scare story was that if you drank pop after eating pop rocks, you’d blow up and die. 🙄 We also heard that if you swallowed your gum, it would stay in your stomach for 7 years and might block your stomach from digesting food and might kill you! Yeah, there was a lot of hype about things then too. 🙂


    • Oh don’t feel bad, it’s one of my “I was such a ridiculous child” stories, I still laugh about it.

      lol I’ve heard about the pop and Pop Rocks… and pop with Mentos, too… the reaction they cause in a contained bottle does hold a very strong argument to a child though!

      I remember the gum in the stomach for 7 years crap… yeah… had a meltdown over that once when I accidentally swallowed my gum, would have been fine if it weren’t for my cousin suddenly freaking out and telling me how awful it was and what was going to happen… Yep. I was truly a paranoid child.

      Isn’t it kind of funny the stories kids are told? I can’t believe some of the crap that goes around! LOL


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