Funny Pictures - Cat GifsMommy?  Are we your minions?”

I sat there staring blankly at her for a second or 2.  Images of myself controlling my children while casting hypnotic spells and cackling gleefully over a steaming cauldron of eye of newt and tail of bat swirled through my brain.  Look deep into my eyes while I perform my magic!

I’m not even sure where she heard the word, but she did have a general idea of its meaning. 

I confess, I pounced on the notion.  “Yes.  Yes you are,” I answered her.  Hey, whatever it takes to manage a kid’s obedience, you take it!  If it helps avoid a fit at bedtime, I’m all over it.  Minions must obey!  It’s kind of a game now, and little miss bossy loves to lord it over her big brother by saying things like, “We’re mommy’s minions and you have to obey her, so quit putting your stinky feet in my face!”  Apparently she was looking for an edge too, heh. 

I’m good with it, even if it does make me sound like an evil sorceress.  It sort of fits with the whole Darc theme of the place, right? 

Eventually she’ll learn that an alternate meaning of minion is "a favorite, darling," from Middle French mignon .  (As in filet minion!)  Winking smile  It also means a favored or highly regarded person, and both her and my boy are definitely that.  Smile

How was your weekend?  Can you believe that next Monday is Labor Day already?  Yikes!

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3 thoughts on “Minions

  1. I was always told that its original derivation comes from the Jewish term “minyan” which designated a group of at least 10 qualified worshippers needed to constitute a congregation. They still call their synogogue congregations minyans. Females didn’t count as qualified members and you’re Christians so she can’t really be in your minyan — but don’t tell her that since it’s working so well.

    Oh! I wasn’t aware of the Hebrew association. had the Old French one. 🙂 In this case, I’ll stick with the French one – I have some of that somewhere in the blood. A drop or 2 I’ve heard. 🙂


  2. The French word “mignon” means “cute” (or small, or nice, or all three). So, not so much in keeping with the Darc theme, but probably appropriate for your daughter. 🙂

    Oh yes, all 3! 😀 But, that’s just my unbiased opinion. 😉


  3. You could just devote a whole blog to “funny things my daughter says/does”, it would be brilliant!

    Now there’s an idea! LOL I’ve already got one for their pictures that they make. 🙂


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