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I found these over at » Blog Archive » iOTW Survey – Get To Know Your Fellow Readers.  It looked kind of fun so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Smile

1. Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Reagan? John Lennon? Pope John Paul II ?

2. Do you remember your first kiss? Details?

3. What was your wedding song? (first dance)

4. What do you consider your most liberal attribute?

5. Your high school years boiled down to one song or album.

6 – A movie that could sorta be loosely based on your own life.

7- The last thing you ate?

8- Rank these from most likely to attend to least likely –

a sporting event, a concert, a play, an amusement park, a museum.

9 – If it somehow came to it, what would be your last meal?

10- How many pairs of shoes do you own?


1 – In utero, probably at school or on my way home, no idea, no idea. 

2 – LOL  Yes.  Feb 4 1977, that’s all the detail you’re gonna get!

3 – Darc and I didn’t have a wedding song or dance.


5 – Led Zeppelin, In Through The Out Door

6 – The Changeling

7 – French fries.

8 – amusement park, museum, concert, play, sporting event

9 – Steak and ice cream

10 – maybe a dozen


Your turn!  If you do this on your blog, let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Reader Meme

  1. Elisa Michelle

    You’re funny Mrs. Darc. =D Which amusement park would you go to if you could? Any in the world. Why no wedding song or dance? How dare you break tradition! Wink, wink. The Changeling was intense. Very intense.

    Good to see you smile, sweetie! 🙂 Probably Great America, it’s close; No wedding, just exchanging vows in front of a minister friend at someone’s home; Yes, it was.

    Decided to take a shot at it. What the heck, right?

    1. I didn’t even know, outside of Kennedy, that any of those people were shot. Must’ve all been before my lifetime (1990-present, lol!) (yes, they were all early 80’s, except Kennedy)

    2. I was 12, that much I’ll say.

    3. As Time Goes By by Dooley Wilson (it’s from Casablanca).

    4. Eh? My writing, probably. It’ll land me in hell one day, or something.

    5. Hmm. Sugar We’re Goin’ Down by Fall Out Boy, as they were all the rage in high school. At least with my group.

    6. I have no idea. The Outsiders, probably.

    7. Brownie.

    8. A concert, a play, a museum, an amusement park, a sporting event

    9. Steak and potatoes with sweet tea.

    10. None at the moment that are usable, but that’s going to change next week!

    Steak is awesome, and you need some shoes! Shoes are very important here! LOL


  2. 7. last thing I ate ? Don’t you have to be dead to answer this? Hahaha! I think “most recent” would be more applicable. 🙂
    5. We voted for “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” for senior song
    but the administrators forced “Cherish” on us.

    LOL I think I can see why the admins weren’t too fond of your first choice!


  3. The Changeling? That’s… intense… Intense sounds like the only appropriate word I can think of.

    1.) I wasn’t alive when Kennedy or Lennon died. If you mean Ronald Reagan, then I was probably writing an exam, or prepping for one? School? Work? Getting antsy about graduating. And the Pope, I was probably working? Kennedy was shot in 1963, Lennon in 1980, and Reagan and Pope JP2 in 1981. You might be thinking of when Reagan and the Pope died, which was I think 2004 and 2005 – but they were both shot in 1981, way before your time. 🙂

    2.) First kiss was Collin, and he was a recurring one in my life. In grade 1, he came to the house to play after school one day, and we ended up in the cubby behind my bed, and he said we should kiss. So we did. Then fast forward to 7th grade, and we made out at a school dance on the stage, first French kiss. Fast forward to immediately after graduation, I left my high school sweet heart of two years, and Collin invited me over to watch a movie at his parents. Ended up making out again. I always felt like we were never on the same page, or one of us was involved with someone at the time. I think in another life we must have been something.

    3.) Hasn’t happened yet, but we’re going with “For The Nights I Can’t Remeber” by Hedley. We both really love the time, and it’s a good-in, can’t help but sway dramatically and belt it out as loud as we can whenever we hear it. (
    Have you seen the wedding dance entrance?

    4.) Liberal attribute? Makes me feel like this is a political question… but I love everyone 🙂 I’m an equal opportunity lover. You’re just a sweetheart Onyx, that’s all there is to it. 🙂

    5.) Epiphany by Staind (

    6.) Movie? No idea… I’ve never thought about it.

    7.) Vanilla cake.

    8.) I don’t know… this is a tough one. I think I’m pretty even on all of them, but the amusement park would come last.

    9.) Prime rib steak, with homemade cheddar potato scallop, and garlic carrots. Followed by some sort of rich, fudgey, chocolately cake.

    10.) Um… 4?

    Steak seems to be popular. 🙂 Time to go shoe shopping! 😉


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